Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's what we do

I keep telling myself that I need to post an update with pix. I got a new camera on black Friday (which I absolutely love). But, I haven't had the time to mess with unloading it all onto my computer yet!
What we've been up to:
-Trav has been home (yay!)
-Trav had a 24 hr flu bug while he was home.
-We went to Manti & cut down 5 Christmas trees.
-As we decorated the Christmas tree Caleb undecorated the Christmas tree (so helpful!).
-Nash got the 24 hr flu bug from his dad while we were in Manti.
-I finished a quilt I've been working on for 3 years! (Got to finish binding it on the ride there).
-Got my Christmas cards printed (now to mail them!)
-Have made HUGE strides towards my students' portfolios at school.
-Only have 2 more classes left for this session of my ESL endorsement.
-Learned how to make the beaded watch bands over Thanksgivng (thanks sis).
-Had lots of yummy food over Thanksgiving & a quick visit from our dad.
-Had Picasso visit my walls (I mean house) again (pix to come!).
-Caleb got his 8th tooth.
-Looking forward to Sam's dance recital Dec. 16th @ 6:50 @ LaShars (open invite to any interested parties - it's free & short in length!).
-Keep having people just barely notice I have pink in my hair (put it there the Monday before Halloween!).
-I have managed to stay out of trouble at school (well, mostly).
-Trav had to replace his windshield due to a massive crack. Now my winshield has a 16 inch crack in it. Guess my car felt left out!
-Bought Caleb a new carseat.
-Sam's tooth that she lost MONTHS ago (like June) is finally growing back in!
-Got around 3 inches of snow last night & today (so glad I don't have to go outside for recess!).

Nothing majorly exciting, but, that's what we do!

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Nikki said...

Your blog decorations are so cute. We are doing treats for Hayden's birthday this Sunday at 7ish if you need something tasty :)