Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Me & my big mouth!

Warning - Teacher Post!

Ok, so last week I was talking to another teacher, Deb, during my ESL class about differentiation. She was saying how she didn't think she was doing enough & I told her I thought she probably was, she just didn't realize it. I then went on to explain some of the stuff I'm doing in my classroom. Well, the lady over the math for the entire district, Sandy, happens to be in my ESL class & happened to overhear me. When I was done talking to Deb, Sandy says, "I'm going to come observe you next week." I of course was like - "Um..ok?" That was the first time I needed a kick in my pants. So, today Sandy came by after school & we talked about what I was doing & I showed her lots of my stuff (Heather & Tannie - think Facts In a Snap, skip counting to music, graphic organizers, color coding, etc.). At this point Sandy asks me, "How would you like to be on the committe to develop the curriculum map for math?" To which I reply, "That would be great!" This is where I needed the second kick in the pants. After some further discussion, Sandy says to me, "I think you just might be the person I need to do some professional development." And this is where I say, "Sure! That would be great. Just let me know what you need." Yes, this is where the 3rd kick in the pants was needed! So now I think I might have committed myself to being overworked & underpaid all summer long! Yay! What a productive day I've had!
Oh, and after all of that I got to go do PTCs! :)


Tannie Datwyler said...

OH DEAR!! Could be fun.... but, oh no. :)

Justin & Ashlee said...

Congrats? Could be a lot of work but at least you know they like what you're doing ;)

Heather said...

Just think--you are making yourself invaluable! Consider it job security. Good luck! I hope it goes well.