Friday, January 15, 2010

Odds & Ends

Another week has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I can't believe how fast the days go by lately. Maybe it's because it's winter and the air is crappy & Travis is home. Maybe it's because I'm getting old!

We have started planning Samantha's birthday party. I told her she could either invite 3 friends to go ice skating (she loves to ice skate & if the rink were closer I'd sign her up for skating classes). Or, she could invite 5 friends over for a sleep over since her dad will be out of town on her birthday. She, of course, has chosen the latter - Duh. So she is diligently trying to decide which of her friends she will be inviting for a sleepover. I was talking to Jess at work and told her what I had agreed to. I told her she should come up & party with us girls (& my boys of course). She's young & vivacious enough that she actually agreed! Now I am excited about Sam's birthday party because I'll have someone around to act as dorky as me! ;)

Samantha had parent teacher conferences this week as well. Travis ended up meeting with her teacher because I had to be at my portfolio night at school (don't ask). It sounds as though she's doing well in all subjects and isn't a behavior problem at all (why doesn't that carry over to home?) They are beginning a new reading thing at school. The kids are reading to travel around the world as many times as they can before May. Every time they read 20 minutes, they get a lined signed off. After so many lines getting signed off, they take their sheet in to have their passport stamped to show they visited that country. They also have to pass off their address, phone number, tying shoes, etc. Well, Samantha decided last night she wanted to work on learning her address. I wrote it down for her and told her to write it over and over to help it stick in her head. She lasted all of about 5 minutes! After she wrote her address I told her she had to tell me what it was without looking to see if she really had it memorized or not. She sort of did it (not well enough for me to sign off yet). She wanted me to sign it off & I told her to go recite it to her dad. She did NOT want to do that. Instead, she marched her little behind over to the counter & forged my initials on the paper & then brought it to me to date! I told her I wasn't signing her off on the task yet & to erase my initials because that was lying & cheating. She said no, pouted, cried & proceeded to tell me she wasn't erasing it because she was absolutely never going to learn it. This is when her dad decided to jump in. He ever so fatherly sent her down the hall to her room & let her know just exactly why we don't forge mom or dad's signature or initials. This was a fun experience to be had by all involved!!

Nash is doing assessments at preschool right now. I'm really curious to see how these turn out. I know he isn't like his sister, but I have a hard time remembering that when I look at numbers & data! You'd think I'd be better about that since I'm a teacher. Guess not! He is still very excited to be turning 5 & going to kindergarten. I really hope he isn't totally bummed out when he turns 5 & doesn't get to go to kindergarten that day! Travis took all 3 kids to the dentist on Thursday. Nash has 2 cavities that have to be fixed. Six months ago he had 3. I guess we're improving, right? I'm still mortified by the fact that my 4 year old now how 5 cavities & I'm 29 & have never had a single one! Thank goodness we're double insured for both dental & medical!!

Caleb is still using the potty on occassion. Success depends on whether or not he gets sidetracked by the sight of the toilet paper! Unfortunatly for me, he finds it quite humorous when he pees on the floor, in the tub, or all over me on the changing table! He is trying to get 2 more molars still. I am hoping they come through soon. I feel so bad for him with his giant swollen gums. It sounds like he did good at the dentist the other day though, despite the sore mouth.

I am trying to get ready for parent teacher conferences in a week and a half. I'm sure it's going to be a bucket of fun! It always is. I'm just glad it's a 3 day weekend this weekend. I NEED the break & it helps that Trav's home too. We're going to try & make it to Manti this weekend for Grandpa Charlie's 80th birthday party. Hope I can still relax!

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Heather said...

I loved catching up on the kiddos. It's so fun to see how each one is growing and developing. Thanks for sharing. Hope conferences go well.