Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A conglomoration of sorts

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I suppose it's been a day or two since my last post! Things have been crazy insane here, as I'm sure they have been at your place. Travis has been home a few times & even one time that was an "extra" for us.

Caleb is getting so big! I need to video him & get it posted on here. He's talking a mile a minute & is turning into quite the big boy!

The kids are excited for Easter because we are going to Manti & they have been been missing their Grandpa Butter. I'm sure that knowing they generally bring home about 13 lbs of Easter candy helps (no, I'm not exaggerating).

My spring break begins on Thursday (Woot Woot!!) but Sam's doesn't start until Monday. That means we only get 1 day of spring break together. The bright side to that is Travis comes home Tuesday night so his whole week off the kids have off too! No exciting things planned, just looking forward to being home & vegging out!

My Relay for Life team has raised just shy of $300. We are getting a few fundraisers up & going. We are selling family cookbooks again this year as well as the Relay for Life cookbook we put together last year. I've bought material to make really cute pillow cases that I'm going to sell as well. A lady I work with is making watch bands to donate to our cause for me to sell as well. Relay is July 9th & 10th this year & I know it's going to be here before I'm ready. Unfortunately this year Trav won't be home that weekend, so the kids will be on campus with me the entire time. I also managed to become a committee member for the entertainment committee! So, if you or someone you know is at all entertaining (or has some ideas ;) ) let me know!

My car pooped out again so I'm driving my brother's car. I'm seriously ready to push that sucker off a cliff. I know we've gotten our money's worth, but honestly! I just want a car that will start EVERY time I get in it & try to start it! Is that so much to ask?

There are only about 8 more weeks of school left. Right now it's looking like I'll have the pleasure of staying home with the kiddos for an unspecified amount of time after school gets out. Not sure I'm going to go back to teaching. I knew there were politics when I got into it, but I just don't think it's worth it anymore. Guess that's some soul searching I have to finish up within the next 8 weeks.

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Heather said...

Good luck with your decision. That is a tough one and I hope you can figure something out that makes you happy.

On a positive note, have a great time over Spring Break. I'm glad Travis will be around. That will help so much.