Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's all fun and games....

Courtesy of the pending rainstorm and ugly, black clouds on Monday, I took the kids to the Fun Park to play in the soft play. The boys were mildly entertained for a little bit, but mostly wanted to do everything EXCEPT the softplay. Stinkers.

Sam & Jade were troopers and followed Caleb around the entire time. Thanks girls!

Tuesday our dad came home! YAY! He had been up nearly 24 hrs when he got to us. He didn't want to go to bed though because that would make him stay on the night shift sleep schedule. So, we opted for AJ's park up Blacksmith Fork Canyon.
Sam was not impressed with this toy.

Remember these dangerous suckers? Sam smacked her shin on it within minutes and was howling like she'd been gutted! I'm so sympathetic that my response was, "See, now you know why they took them off all the school playgrounds!"

And here we have the fabulous slide. Picture Caleb about 6 stairs or so up with Jade & Sam behind him to help him make it all the way to the top.

Yeah, so he probably shouldn't have been watching the kids on the merry go round! He lost his footing and fell down those 6 stairs I just told you to imagine him on. The lady sitting right there picked him up & met me half way. By the time she got him to me blood was all over his forhead, running down the side of his face and into his ear and all over his hands.

I asked Trav if he thought I should take him to InstaCare. Stupid question - Trav ALWAYS, ALWAYS says no. So, I told him to at least stop at the store & help me pick stuff out to bandage his battle wound with. By the time we got to the store, Caleb was out cold (napping). I blotted the most recent oozing off and Trav looked at him. Now his response was, "Well, maybe you better take him to InstaCare. I don't want him to have a scar there in the middle of his face for the rest of his life." So, an hour and a half later, here's what he looked like. And, like I told my mother, "The last goose egg & bruise in that exact location just went away no more than 3 days ago!" Oy!
They glued it shut because as the doctor explained, they've done studies on this dermabond glue and compared it to stitches. Apparently they have the same infection and scarring rate. So, rather than traumatize him for 2-4 stitches, they numbed it (that was a painstaking 25 minute wait with a cottonball taped to his head. Try keeping a 23 month old from pulling that sucker off!) and then glued it back together. We'll see if it works I guess. I suppose that having a 3 bandaid day within 20 minutes on Sunday just wasn't quite good enough this time!! Oy! This kid is going to turn my hair gray and/or make it all fall out!


Anonymous said...

Looksl like you are off on a good roll for the summer!!
Colt loves his scars - maybe Caleb could take after his cousin!

josh and nat said...

OUCH!! You might be gray by the end of summer the rate he is going

Tannie Datwyler said...

So we went to the Softplay at the fun park last week too, and my kids LOVE it, but the friends we were on a playdate didn't. :( That's the second time I've done an unsuccessful playdate there.