Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Relay for Life 2010

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Relay was so much fun this year. We had around 15 people up there with us off & on for the entire event. My team raised about $1200 and Relay itself took in $70,100! That's a lot of money!

Samantha stayed up at Relay with me the entire time & Jade stayed with Cass. I think those two girls had a lot of fun. Actually, I'm betting Sam will want to do it with me again last year. Never mind that she got to adopt a cabbage patch doll for $5, the endless snow cones, the bounce houses, dunk tank, LaShar's performed, the candy, the prizes we won, staying up late, etc.

I was a little worried we might blow away Friday night when the wind really kicked up. But, when it was all said & done, we were all still there! I

won about 3 different raffle prizes and I ended up with 3 things in the silent auction. Samantha was just thrilled to have her new adopted cabbage patch doll - I was thrilled it was only $5!

The heat was insane. When we got there on Friday around 1:30, I thought we would all melt. By the time we started taking stuff down on Saturday, we had a "dying spot" under one of our canopys! Sam ended up with a tiny bit of pink on one shoulder. I, on the other hand, have pink shoulders where the pink comes to a V, a sunburned forehead & top of my head, and a funny pink line down the back of my arms. Note to self: even if you don't think it will stay on due to sweat, wear sunscreen. Duh Misty.

Cindy & I have already started coming up with good ideas for fundraising for next year! Are we nuts, or what? I think the favorite thing the two of us saw were the shirts, pins & magnets that said "Cancer sucks".

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