Monday, August 9, 2010

Bottles, naps, and potty training!

I've been slowly throwing away Caleb's bottles for several days. On Saturday I finally threw the last one in the recycle bin. When Caleb asks for a "ba ba" I have told him that bottles are for babies and he's a big boy now. Since we have a new cousin (Jaxton), I've told him that we sent all his "ba bas" to baby Jaxton. As the days have gone by, he seems to be a little bit more accepting of this idea. Now when he asks for a "ba ba" I tell him they're "all gone". He just tilts his head and looks at me and says "baby Jaxton?" At least I know he understands what I've told him!

Bed time has been the toughest without the bottles. He refuses to drink milk out of a sippy cup for some reason. I've told him he could have milk or water or go without. He finally decided that he would have water in one and he's been content with that - lucky for me! Since he doesn't have his bottle to go to bed with, he hasn't been going to bed (and staying there) until around 1 am for about the last 3 days!

Taking into consideration that he's not going to bed until 1 am and he's getting up around 9, you'd think (or at least I think) he'd need an afternoon nap still. Well, take what you think and throw it out the window. He's also been refusing to nap! Today I did finally get him to take an afternoon nap, but that was only after 30 minutes of repeatedly putting him back in his bed, giving him a sippy cup with a little bit of orange juice, and me laying by him for nearly an hour! Maybe tomorrow will be easier??

I finally decided I should probably start potty training Caleb since my cousin's daughter (who is a month younger) has been potty trained since last fall. Today marks day 3.

On Saturday I decided I would try putting a pull up on him just to see how he would do. Caleb wore the same pull up for nearly 9 hours and stayed dry - using the potty about 5 times.

On Sunday we weren't too successful. He wore the pull up just fine, but every time I put him on the potty he just tried to jump off. He wanted to stand up like his brother, but he isn't tall enough. When I put him on the stool, he just wanted to play. When I finally sat him back on the potty, he refused to put his feet down and stood on the toilet seat to potty (still never going potty)! We also went to WalMart on Sunday and bought him his first package of real big boy pants. He's thrilled that they are Spongebob. He's tried each of the 3 pair on and snuggled with them as well. ;) He also insisted on taking Bob to grandma's house today to show them to her!

Today has been better than yesterday but not quite as good as Saturday. He's wearing the pull ups and he's gone potty for me, but he refused to go potty for my mom while she had him so I could go to the dentist. Only 2 accidents today though, so I think it's progress!

I'm hoping we'll have the no bottles and the potty training whipped into shape before too many days go by!

And, on a side note, I thought for sure I had at least one cavity - which is part of the reason I broke down and made my first appointment since 2006! Much to my delight, NO CAVITIES (still! ;) ).


Justin & Ashlee said...

Way to go Mis! No cavities! Hang in there with Caleb. You are doing great...Rylee still has a bad day every once in awhile. Sorry I never made it to your house. I carried the blankie with me every day and I just never made it!

Chad & Cassidy said...

Caleb is cute, but you and your teeth suck :P