Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bown Family Reunion

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While Trav was home we took our kids and my sister's kids to the Logan Aquatic Center. They had so much fun. They even got to play with another friend of ours that was there at the same time. Nash and Caleb both went down the water slide and loved every second of it. Poor Caleb screamed and screamed when we left. That boy should have been born with fins! I thought I had my camera in my expedition, but when we got there there was no camera so, no pictures!
We also took the kids down to the park while Trav was home. They love going to the park and I don't take them nearly enough. It's just been too stinkin' hot during the day and then we're busy at night. I keep thinking I should take them to Merlin Olsen and let them play in the stream. They would think they'd died and gone to heaven!

This weekend we headed down to Manti for the Bown reunion.
Just before Travis came home his grandparents were in a nasty car accident so they weren't able to come up to the mountain with us. Grandpa Butter has a broken sternum and Grandma Butter was in the hospital until Saturday. We did get to stop in Nephi on our way down Friday morning and see Grandma. They are pretty bruised and battered, but they have high spirits. I don't know how Grandma persists, but she is a pretty dang amazing woman! She has GOT to have something important here to do!

We took our trailer and the kids were super excited to get to go camping with their dad again. They didn't even whine about the ride (which I feared would be terrible!).
On Saturday Aunt Jamie and Uncle Robbie showed up with Clayton & our new cousin Jaxton. We also had Uncle Chad and his family show up Saturday night. Samantha was in seventh
heaven though because Uncle Glade and Aunt Lori were there with their brand new baby GIRL! I asked Sam if she wanted me to leave her at their house (that's 11 kids now) so she could have a sister finally. She said "No, let's just take this sister home!" She sure was a cutie and I was more than happy to snuggle her for a good part of the weekend!
We did lots of 4 wheeling and playing with cousins. I even got 3 books read! Yep, according to my husband, I was "completely worthless" this weekend. I told him I'm okay with that though! ;) Since I was so busy being worthless and my husband isn't much of a photo man, I only got 2 pictures of the entire weekend! It's okay though because they are the of the most important thing - Nash and the fish he caught (he out fished his dad!).


Justin & Ashlee said...

Wahoo! Nise fish Nash! Glad you all had a fun safe trip together. Hopefully I'll see Sam and you on Saturday :)

Justin & Ashlee said...

Haha! Rylee's birthday party is Saturday at 2. I hope you get the invitation by tomorrow. I guess I'm a little slow at getting them out. Sorry, I thought they'd be there by now :)