Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brad Paisley Concert

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We took the kids to see Brad Paisley in concert on Friday, Sept. 24. It was a surprise - we didn't tell them where we were going until we picked them up from school & were on the road. They were super excited. The concert was at USANA and we actually got to see/hear Josh Thompson, Easton Corban, Steel Magnolia, Justin Moore, Darius Rucker & Brad Paisley. Brad Paisley didn't come on until 9 pm (we were there at 3:50 b/c the gates opened at 4) but he played for 2 hours. Travis thought this concert of his was better than the one we went to in 08. Nash ended up falling asleep on a blanket at 10:30. Samantha cried b/c she could feel the bass in her chest & "it hurt". I told her it wasn't even that loud! She should stand next to the speakers! We had the pleasure of sitting next to a group of obnoxious 20 somethings that got so drunk I wanted to smack them all. One girl totally face planted - the kids & I laughed at that. There were SO many guys wearing their pants tucked into their cowboy boots I wanted to just walk up and ask them if they were trying to look stupid. Seriously? Tucking pants into cowboy boots. Wow - you don't stick out like a sore thumb now do you? We saw lots of "interesting" people too. I was surprised at the age range of people there. I saw older couples (like my grandparents) clear up to kids younger than mine. I guess everybody loves Brad Paisley! Caleb got to spend the night at Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris' house while we went. It was his first sleep over without his siblings. Good thing he had grandpa to shadow!

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