Friday, September 10, 2010

It really is a small world...

We went to the orthopedist this morning. They x-rayed Sam's arm and said everything looked good. Then the drama started (I swear, she needs Drama Queen tattooed on her forehead). They cut her cast off (as she was trying to run away - no, I'm not kidding). We got to wash her arm with soap and water (there wasn't even any sand in it!). She decided she wanted red this time instead of pink. We also asked if we could get waterproof and were happy when Dr. Finlayson said "Yes." After much squirming (not sure why, it didn't hurt) and quite a bit of loudness (not screams, just, well - loudness) she had a new cast. She told me when her friends asked her where all their names had gone she was going to tell them she washed them off. Apparently she did too!

After our visit with Dr. Finlayson I dropped Sam off to my mom (she already had the boys & it was almost 11) and headed to Brigham. Mom got both the kids off to school and kept Caleb. After passing the library like 4 times, I finally figured out which building it was. They really should have a sign facing the road not the parking lot! It addition to that, it was peach days, so there were a lot of cars everywhere! I went inside to find Jeanette (the lady that I spoke with on the phone yesterday) and come to find out, she's the mom of one of the students I had last year! What a small world after all! This job is through a company called Futures Through Training. I didn't even interview. Jeanette had all the paperwork for me to fill out, I met the couple I'll be teaching English to and we figured out a schedule. When I tutor both of them at the same time I'll actually get paid more than when I tutor just one of them at a time. They are also going to pay me for my prep time (that's a nice change from the public school system!). I will be going over Monday-Thursday from 6-8 pm (Sorry Tannie - I thought I was going to be able to come to your book club! I'll send you an email.) I'm going to try and take Sam & Nash with me and just set them up in the corner with coloring, books, and homework. I know Sam will be fine (she'll read for ever) but Nash might be another story. I'm going to take Caleb back to the same place I was taking him while I was teaching for the last two years. He should be excited to play with the boys again!

And on a completely random note - I did a digital scrapbook page last night for Nash for school. The only thing I think I did wrong was I thought it saved and apparently it didn't. Oh well, I did print it!


Chad & Cassidy said...

I'm out of the loop now that I don't see you everyday. I've been so busy... anyways, congrats on the job? :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

Oh, no worries Misty! It is ironic that the one time you were going to be able to come is when you get a new job. :) I hope it all goes well though.