Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things have been fairly "normal" around here since my last post. Kids are going to school and I've been taking Caleb to Laura's after I drop Nash off at Kindergarten so I can get a few things done. Nash & Samantha have been more than thrilled to be going back to Laura's house so they get to play with Zeke and Carter. It's odd not to hear "Can I go play with Carter?" fifteen times a week anymore! ;)
Tomorrow I will go to Nash's class to help with centers and then get to go every Wednesday after that. Last night while I was teaching English, my student told me she thinks that she just needs another week or two of me coming. Guess we'll see how that turns out. It really wouldn't hurt my feelings if that was the case. Why? Because I never realized how much I like having my nights! I also didn't realize how many things go on in the evening that I want to go and be a part of! Oh well.
I took Nash back into the ENT yesterday because his ear has been draining for (I kid you not) 3 weeks. Gross. Dr. Blotter gave us more ear drops and a cream to put on the outside of his ear (it was getting all scabby). He told me we should notice a difference within 2-3 days. I could already see a difference this morning! I also asked him to look in Sam's ears while we were there to see if the holes from her tubes had closed up. He said her right ear looks great. Her left ear is really thin on the ear drum though and he said if she gets an ear infection that the likelihood of her ear drum rupturing is pretty high. Great. At least I'll know what all the nasty stuff on her pillow is when that happens, right?
Sam is still dancing 2 times a week. I broke down and bought her the new ballet shoes she wanted last week. Hers were getting snug (more snug than they should have been). She wanted some of these that only go over her toes and have a bit of leather on the ball of the foot. She whipped the, "But all the girls in my class have THIS kind mom!" Ok, fine. Turns out they are about half the price too. Nice call sis! She's getting ready to do the USU homecoming parade on Oct. 23rd. Anyone want to come watch with the boys & I? I know, it's a ways off!
I am feeling a bit special right now because I'm trying to read about three books at once. I just finished Lemon Tart and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The author is from SLC but lives in Willard now. I was all excited to go to the library and get the second book (English Trifle) but much to my dismay, I had to get on the waiting list for it. So, I have settled for The Hunger Games. I'm also reading Eat, Pray, Love. It's pretty funny, but I will warn you, the "f" word is used a lot more than I expected. I think I'll have to go see the movie after I finish this book - which is the exact opposite of what I usually want to do! I'm also still working on JackDaws (WW2). I haven't picked it up for a bit though because I've had library books. It's sitting on my nightstand though and I'll get back to it eventually.
My sister is still calling her baby Cletus the Fetus. Awesome. She informed me that my nephew wants to name it Cinderella if it's a girl and Bob if it's a boy. Nash thinks those are good names too. Samantha only likes the name Cinderella. Good luck with that Cass! It's killing me to know I have to wait until Oct. 21 for her to have her ultrasound so I can find out if I have to listen to Samantha whine about how Jade gets a sister, why can't she? Maybe I'll tell her it's a boy no matter what! I'm so mean.
I have now got my entire table covered in sewing projects. In fact, it's spilled over onto the computer desk and around the ironing board. I told my mom she needs to quit telling me when stuff is on sale b/c I need to finish what I've started before I buy more! I've got to get my butt in gear though and get some stuff done so I can get a booth or an etsy website up and running no later than mid October.
Oh, I finally broke down and bought some of the child proof door knob covers yesterday. I put one on the inside of the kid's bedroom so that Caleb can't jump out of bed before I'm out of the room & get the door open! It was going pretty good last night until I woke up around 5 and realized he was in my bed. I always open their bedroom door before I go to bed. I took a picture of what my bed looked like this morning. Wait until you see it!
I had pictures to post, but my Kodak Easyshare software is being stubborn and won't load right now. Boo.


Chad & Cassidy said...

Actually, It was Ballerina... But Cindy works too :) Ya, go with telling her it's a boy. How are you liking Eat, Pray, Love? I couldn't finish it, I didn't like it.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I can't believe that picture of all your kids in your bed. Made me smile. :)

I love Sam and that dance shoes - she's for sure growing up.

My ultrasound is Oct 11 - I'm SUPER excited. Claire wants a girl SO BAD but I've warned and warned her it could be a boy. So she's prepped I hope. :)

It's fun reading your book reviews.