Monday, November 15, 2010


Last night I was messing around and clicked on the link in my list "How does she". If you click this link it pulls up a blog & just under the slideshow to the right is a link called Free Calendar = Perfect Present. I was feeling venturous and went ahead and clicked. I ended up at vistaprint (I've bought business cards from them and have been happy). Anyway - you can get a wall calendar that you personalize with your photos (you choose background, add birthdays/events, etc.) or a desk calendar for only the price of shipping! I did one for my mom & one for my father in law. I know it isn't as awesome as when I did the scrapbook calendars, but lets face it...I don't have the time or energy (or the empty calendar sitting in my office not to mention that would mean I would have to finish shoveling out my office so I could work down there) to do the scrapbook calendars this year!

Anyway, I still had fun creating it and I know they'll love it anyway because it has all our beautiful smiling faces on every single month of the year! I thought I'd pass along the info - you know, just in case you're feeling venturous too!

In a completely random side note - I sold my 2nd item on my etsy website! It was even one I designed this time! HA! It was one of my baby tag blankets.

On another completely random side note - I left Caleb with my friend today & came home to sew (did I mention I might get a booth in Paradise this Saturday?). Anyway, I finished 8 (yes, 8) baby tag blankets & 3 burp cloths! I was excited! I have 2 blankets I'm going to finish tonight & I've also cut 6 inch squares (7 x 7 size for the finished product) for 3 more baby blankets that I'm piecing (yes Cass, you can pick one - all 3 are girlie!).