Thursday, November 11, 2010


Since I'm sure everyone that follows my blog is just DYING for me to update, I suppose I will! ;)

This is the new form of go-kart at our house. Apparently it's SUPER fun because I can't seem to keep the barstools upright anymore!
On Monday I took Caleb to the dr. He had been croupy and had a nose that just wouldn't clear up. We got dexamethazone from our favorite pediatrician and was pleasantly surprised when he said it WASN'T a sinus infection! When I went to pick the kids up from school I started to pull out of the parking lot but before I could hit the road Samantha was throwing up. GREAT! Awesome way to start the week. And to think I changed the sheets on all the beds today! She only had a few small episodes after school (she said she was fine until lunch but had felt junkie after that). I thought she was done and we were in t
he clear until 11:30. I put the childproof lock on the inside of their bedroom to keep Caleb in bed several weeks ago. I heard someone fumbling with the knob & figured it was him. After a few minutes I got up & went to see what was going on. It was Sam, standing in throw up and had thrown up in her bed. Yeah....had a mother of the year feeling at that moment. I was glad Trav was there to clean that one up! So, we got her cleaned u
p & back in bed. Trav thought I was mean b/c I wouldn't let her sleep on the couch (I changed the sheets again). But dude! Have you tried getting puke out of a couch? Especially one that has cushions that don't come off. Um..yeah. No thanks for a repeat in that experience department!

Trav took Caleb for a bike ride one day while he was here. Apparently, it's quite the workout for EVERYONE involved!
Tuesday was fairly quiet. I kept Sam home just to be safe. We made a trip to KMart and I finally found a baby book. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find one that's unisex? Dang near impossible!

Travis just left Wednesday morning (like 4 am) to head back to Rock Springs. We were all bummed. There was a bright side....Trav's brother went up Monday to Rock Springs and wasn't planning to come home until Thursday or Friday. At least he'd have a smidge of home that way?? His brother was going for work too.
I sent Sam to school Wednesday since she was fine Tuesday. When I picked her up after school, her first comment was, "Mom! I didn't even feel like calling you once!" Sweet! I'm thinking it's over & we're good. Stupid me. I thought I was doing awesome. I had the kids in bed at 9 pm (that's EARLY at our house) and I didn't even hear a peep out of any of them! I stayed up and made more super cute bows while I watched 2 movies I checked out at the library. At midnight Sam woke up and said she was cold and didn't feel good. I told her to go get in my bed. It should have been a clue when she took a fleece blanket to my HEATED water bed & still used my blankets too.

Here comes Thursday. Sam woke up with a fever. AWESOME! I got the boys up and dressed and fed and left them at daycare while I took Sam to Instacare. Diagnosis? Strep.....AGAIN! This is the third time this year (June, October, November). I called the ENT's office and made an appointment with our super favorite ENT whom I'm sure we've purchased a summer home for. I think Sam might need her tonsils out. On the bright side....if we could put it off until January, it would go towards the new year's deductible & we could use the money we will have in flex spending. Hmmmm...Lord works in mysterious ways??? Perhaps! Not positive she'll need them out, but I'm just saying. Nash has had his out so I think it's a possibility. Besides, the dr. she saw at Instacare (the same one that saw her with her broken arm & asked her where her cast was) asked if she snored. When I told him she snores bad (like last night I thought I was sharing my bed with Travis again) he said that's another sign that they might need to come out. So, tomorrow I get to keep Sam home again (suggestion from her teacher ;) ) and check Nash out of school early so I can take Sam to the ENT to see if I can contribute further to his summer home purchase! At least I have a good attitude about it, right? :)

I talked to Trav about 10:30 tonight. I've decided things could be worse. He got sent to Vernal (again) today. He told me that he gets to get up at 3 am & head out to the site where they will do 3 wells (12 hrs each) before he'll get to come off the site again. That means that he's going to be onsite for 36 hours straight. Awesome....glad it's not me. At least it's better than the 44 hours straight he was onsite last time. Did you know that apparently it's LEGAL to leave guys onsite for 48 hours straight?? Wonder when he'll be forced to hit that mark. Hope he gets a few naps in here and there! What a man.

Here's to TGIF!

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