Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A job, a job!

Today I had 2 job interviews. One job interview was for an ESL aide at South Cache 8-9 center. The other job was at the Valley Montessori pre-school. I interviewed for the job at South Cache at 11 am. I was done in about 20 minutes. At 12, they called and offered me the job! I still interviewed at the Montessori school (I thought it might be afternoon hours). I still have a job interview scheduled at 1:15 at Ellis Elementary tomorrow. I think I'm going to cancel that job. It's not really worth driving to Logan for 2 hrs of work at about $9/hr.

So, my new job should be exciting. I realized when I was at the 8-9 center I hadn't been there since I was in 8th grade (like 15-16 years ago). Wow, that made me feel old! The principal there was the vice principal when I was there in 8th grade. Finally I will be working for a MAN principal! Perhaps things will go better this time (considering the last 3 principals I had were women!).

I will be working with 2 (yes, TWO) students. Let me rephrase that. I will be working with 2 students, but 1 on 1. A teacher's dream come true I think! One of these students recently arrived from Guatamala and doesn't speak English, just Spanish (sounds familiar to my teacher brain). The other student recently arrived from Canada and doesn't speak English, just French (I knew there was a reason I took French all 4 years of high school!). There is actually a curriculum for me to use this time (not like when I was working over in Brigham or teaching English to construction workers). I'm hoping that the curriculum won't seem so juvenile to the students this time (last year was ROUGH because the curriculum was geared more towards beginner English speakers or to be used like a reading curriculum). I will only work for 1.5 hrs a day (9:30-11:00). This means that both of my boys will be in daycare, but, I think what they're paying me will work out fine. Of course, I don't have to figure in 30 min. (or even 2 hrs) travel time per day either, so that helps!

I am excited because this will at least keep me in a classroom working with students. It will also allow me to be home with my kids (no parent teacher conferences, after school "stuff", grading papers, curriculum planning, etc.).

And, to top it all off, since I will be under 40 hrs and less than 30% of my weekly unemployment check, I still qualify for my unemployment. So, this is like extra money in my pocket. Ah the benefits of joblessness!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

hey hey!! Congrats!! Hope you like it.