Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Weekend at a Glance

1-Go to Hyrum's Holiday at the Hardware - check.
2-Visit Santa and have mom's head chopped off in the photo - check
3-Wait in line to go on a sleigh ride to "see Santa's elk" - check
4-After waiting in line for 20 minutes and moving 3 feet give up and decide to come back another day with dad - check.
5-Finish 12 of 18 rows on a levi quilt - check.
6-Sell something on my etsy website - check.
7-Sell an apron & 2 bags to a friend - check.
8-Make 3 trips to Logan when I wasn't planning on making any trips at all - check.
9-Tuck all 3 kids in bed at 10:30 pm and NOT have a single one get out of bed - CHECK!!
10-Stay up until 2 am working on sewing projects - check.
11-Make 3 more goodies for the Christmas plates for neighbors - check.

1-Wake up to Nash croup coughing - check.
2-Wake up to 2 children and a dog in my bed - check.
3-Watch Drake & Josh's Holiday Show with kids - check.
4-Bake for 3 hours straight and not finish the Christmas baking - check.
5-Wonder why on Earth Caleb keeps striping down and running through the house like a wild streaker man - check.
6-Kill a batch of Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes - check.
7-Do a few batches of laundry but don't get it put away - check.
8-Decide to bake "just one more" Christmas treat at 9 pm - check.
9-Get a bunch of stuff ready to mail tomorrow - check.
10-Wrap Sam's teacher present for her to take to school tomorrow - check.
11-Be super excited about my ultrasound tomorrow - CHECK!

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Heather said...

Crazy life. How are you going to work on top of that? What treats did you make? I'm excited to find out the ultrasound results!