Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair cuts - and a few random pictures...

Here's me in all my glory at 22 weeks. I actually don't look as big as I thought I did! Maybe that's just because I don't want to see me as big as I feel! I went to the dr. today and ended up taking all three kids with me. They love hearing Brookelyn's heartbeat. I've gained 39 lbs! YIKES! Let's hope that it slows down a bit!! Otherwise, I think I'll surpass the 62 lbs I gained with Caleb!! I go back in 4 weeks for everyone's favorite...THE GLUCOSE TEST..I had the pleasure of getting my blood drawn today too though because they are checking my thyroid. I was wondering if my mono was back. Now we play the sit and wait game.I LOVE that these two are such good buddies. I think they have a relationship like my brother and I do. That's AWESOME!
The boys needed haircuts so I got some scheduled for today. I thought Sam just wanted a trim. I should quit thinking I know what that girl wants! I am in serious trouble when she hits 13!
I didn't realize just how long her hair really was! This cut looks really cute on her. It's a lot like the cut I had last January. She seems to really like it and I guess as long as I can braid the front for dance competitions, we're ok!
Nash's hair hasn't been this long since before he cut his own hair a couple months ago! He gets serious bed head! I haven't managed to get a good "after" shot of him today. He woke up quite croupy and hasn't felt too hot. But, he's "bald" again!
My little Caleb is growing up WAY too fast! This boy talks NONSTOP these days. He's just so stinkin cute! His hair was SOO long. This past weekend he fell asleep and when I went into Les Schwab to get my tires rotated he just slept on my chest. When he woke up, his hair literally stood straight out to one side. It looked just like the wing to a plane! I loved it long, but since my father in law started commenting on it, I decided we'd better get it cut. It's quite short again, but seeing as how all my children have hair that grows like weeds, I'm sure it won't last too long!
Thanks Nat!

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