Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poor Samantha. Here's what her ear looks like about 2 days after her surgery. It actually looks worse (and hurts more) now than when I took these. The only reason she let me take them is because she wanted to see what the back of her ear looked like!This is the front of her ear. I told her it looks like she has a purple earring in. Now it looks like a much bigger purple earring in her ear!
We got to watch a lot of this while Travis was home this past week. We have had a treat because after he went back to work after Christmas he only had to be gone 1 week instead of 2 (he had been given extra days off at Christmas time). While he was at work he found out they had way too many guys on the schedule so he was home for a week, will be gone for 1 week and then be home for a week again. After that he will go back to his 2 weeks on at a time. The bummer part of that is that he'll be gone for the kids' birthdays again. This was the first time in 3 years he was going to be home on their actual birthdays. Oh well, I guess we'll take him being home more often for a little while instead!
Remember how I mentioned that Caleb sleeps with like a zillion animals at bed time and that I needed to get a picture of it? Last night Samantha tucked him in & I went in later to check on him. This is what I found! He's hard to spot! Usually I put all his animals at the foot of his bed. His sister was kind enough to pile them up around him! There aren't even any books in there! It's a really, really good thing this kid will be in the double sized bed when they move downstairs!
Nash got some Star Wars legos from Christmas from Grandma Terri. It was a big box that you could build one of the ships from Star Wars. He also got a smaller box with a bunch of guys and a smaller ship. He built the small ship and the guys with no problem the night he got them. The big ship though, well, that took mom. So, once I finally got it assembled, we had to have a photo!
New Year's Eve was fun. I just realized I didn't post about it. I thought we were going to be spending it (just the kids and I) at home because Caleb hadn't felt too hot. We ended up going over to my mom's house instead. Caleb was as enthusiastic as ever and was awake until we got home at 1 am! I found the Happy New Year tiara's at the grocery store for 89 cents & Caleb really wanted them. So...
I was also the smart one that bought the noise makers at the dollar store. The hats and noise makers combined made for some great entertainment by the kids. I love the look on Nash's face in this picture!
Oh my brother is special, isn't he? Let's hope his weird doesn't rub off on my daughter any more than it already has!
And I was worried about the weirdness of my brother? Check out my dad's AWESOME outfit he wore to go outside & light off fireworks!
Here is my ever talented mother showing my children how to pull the ugliest faces on the planet! Actually, this isn't the worse face she can pull. She's already taught them that one!

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