Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random thoughts

Well, we've started off the new year in a non-miraculous medical way.

Caleb got sick the Tuesday after Christmas. It started as croup. Of course my humidifier and my nebulizer both went on the blitz and wouldn't work. So, last Friday I took him into the pediatrician. The pediatrician told me "It could be croup, but there's a pretty darn good wheeze in his chest." So, rather than give me dexamethazone for him, I got a spacer and albuterol "puffer" for him. Yeah, he wasn't excited about that and wouldn't let me get too close to him with it. I think I was able to do it to him twice and he was suppose to be getting it every 4 hours. Saturday I broke down and borrowed my sister's nebulizer. He hasn't been too excited about that either. My mom showed him how to "share" with his cow and now he ONLY wants to give the medicine to his cow. He isn't thrilled about the idea of taking turns with cow. Sunday night I thought the poor kid was going to cough up a lung. Did I mention he'd had a fever off and on since last Tuesday? So I gave the poor kid some cough medicine at about 1:30 am. Trav's cousin told me about what her kids call "magic socks." I figured I wouldn't be out anything, so, I tried it. All you do is rub vapor rub on the soles of the feet and then put socks on. Within 20 minutes that kid totally quit coughing. And, he didn't cough for the rest of the night! Magic socks INDEED! We are keeping that remedy around. Apparently you can put it in your armpits too and it does the same thing. But, since he has some eczema there that's trying to clear up, I thought I'd better not put it there. Monday he still wasn't feeling so hot, so I took off work and called the pediatrician's office back. Luckily for me, they called in a prescription for him. I did manage to get him to share his nebulizer with his elk toy yesterday - ONCE. I think the elk got more than Caleb did though. Last night he was still a very sad little boy. His fever did break yesterday though. So, I decided I'd better take one more day off work and give the antibiotics 24 hours to kick in. This morning he's still pretty dang whiny and his nose is awful and he just wants momma. Guess we'll see how the rest of the day goes.

At 3:30 am on Sunday I was woken up to vomit by Nash. That's always a fantastic way to start the day. Especially considering my pregnant nose makes everything smell ten times more than what it does to normal noses. I ended up keeping him home on Monday, just to be sure he wasn't going to puke at school. Today he goes back.

When Sam woke me up at about 8 this morning she informed me SHE felt like she was going to throw up. Awesome. How did I know she really didn't feel good? She wouldn't even eat her toast with raspberry jam. So, I sent her back to bed and she didn't even move again until after 11:30 this morning. No fever and I'm hoping it stays that way. She's suppose to have her tonsils out and the hole in her left ear drum repaired on Thursday.

All last week I felt like there was a 400 lb weight on my shoulders that just made me exhausted. At first I chalked it up to being pregnant. But, after several days and 12+ hours in bed a day and still needing a nap, I'm wondering if my mono is back. Guess I'll have that checked when I go back to my dr. on the 12th.

I must admit, I've NEVER been so glad to have Travis coming home before!

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