Friday, February 25, 2011

In case I don't blog for the next month...

So if I don't post anything for the next month, I don't want you to think we had some catastrophic baby event or something. Here's what we're looking at:

February 25th - Samantha Dance Spectacular
February 26th - Nash play date
March 2nd - Ultrasound, Dr. appointment, 2 parent teacher conferences, Travis comes home
March 5th - Cousin's baptism
March 7th - Samantha Vistaun Review
March 11th - Samantha Caprielle Review
March 19th - Samantha Hip Hop Workshop
March 22nd - Travis comes home
March 24th - Literacy Night at the kids' school
March 26th - Samantha possible piano recital

Plus, Samantha goes to dance on Tuesday & Thursday & then goes to piano lessons on Wednesday. Remind me why I signed Nash up for soccer? Luckily that doesn't start until April 11th & only lasts until school is out. Why am I thinking about signing that kid up for swimming lessons or t-ball in June?? Luckily I have insomnia so I should be able to get some more of my sewing projects/orders finished! I did tell Travis he only has 4 weeks of being home to get that basement bedroom finished for the boys before Brookelyn arrives. I think that might have jarred him back to reality about how close it is. Unfortunately for me, that means I will also be painting sometime (hopefully very) soon!

I'm beginning to think April is shaping up to look like March. Not quite so many dance things going on, but we'll likely have Sam's baptism then (details to come when we have them) and since Nash will start soccer I'm going to have to figure out how to divide myself in half. Maybe that's a good thing because it will make the last 3 months of this pregnancy fly right by before I know where it went!

So, now you know if you don't hear from me that we haven't had a catastrophic event. I'm just busy keeping up to my children!

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