Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another day, another trip to the dr.'s office

Since I was still having contractions today I called the dr.'s office to see if my dr. still wanted to see me. Stupid question with an obvious answer - yes.

Went in at 2:45 today. Last week I was a -4 and dilated to about a 1. Today I'm at a -2 or -3 and still dilated to about a 1. Got the pleasure of having another non stress test. This time it picked up a few more of my contractions.

Result of visit: since Trav is gone 2/3 of the time, I get to be upgraded to "modified bed rest." This means I'm down when he's home and do the bare minimum when he's gone. Nothing with a lot of walking (specifically no taking kids to the park or zoo any time soon). To quote Dr. Fowers "If you're doing something that starts giving you contractions, do something else." This means I can sit & sew still as long as sewing in itself doesn't give me contractions! Which is good (see below). At least I'm not on strict bed rest! I was going stir crazy today & had to get out (so I went to see my cute niece).

Thursday is Literacy Night at the kids' school. During the day they can dress up as a character from a book. Since they read Indian In The Cupboard, I thought maybe Sam would want to dress up as the girl indian in the book. I figured I could modify the pillowcase dress & it would be a cinch. No go. She wanted a full on authentic indian dress. Um...no. Not this time. What did she settle for? Only a pioneer dress so she can go as Kiersten from the American Girl books. I told her she'd better wear the dang costume a million times or I'll have to kick her butt! When the girls at JoAnn's saw me & asked how I was doing, I said "This is me...on bedrest." A guy was walking up behind me and said, "Well I'd like to see you in a coma then!" No joke. I'm hoping the chaps my grandpa made my brother when he was between Caleb & Nash's age will fit Nash so he can go as the cowboy from The Indian In The Cupboard. I'm NOT making chaps!

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Amanda and John said...

That's a tall order custom on short notice! Hopefully all is well!