Sunday, March 6, 2011

Skiing the Beav with Dad

Today Travis took Samantha & Nash skiing at Beaver Mountain. This was Sam's second time & Nash's first time skiing. Apparently they did great! I was sure glad when I found out that their Aunt Jamie took her camera with to take pictures!
When I asked Trav has the kids did he said, "Well....Nash...he's just Nash." Can't put it simpler than that, can you? I laughed & asked why. He said that when they got to the top of the mountain and put the skis on him he didn't want to wait for instructions, he just wanted to zip off down the mountain without help! Thank goodness mom wasn't there or I'd a had a heart attack! Trav said it snowed on them all day so it was a bit difficult for the kids because they got drenched. It looks like it too!
All they said to me about their day when they got home was "Thanks for the lunch today mom!" Guess they got hungry!

This is my favorite picture of the bunch!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

FUN ultrasound pictures of your baby girl. I'll bet you can't wait, you are getting so close!

These ski ones are really awesome too. :)