Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 7 & Easter Eggs

An animal I'd love to keep as a pet:

Well, considering that I already have children & Charlotte is a pretty awesome dog, that's a hard question. I always thought it might be cool to have a monkey. Although, unless it was potty trained I'm not sure how that would work out. I hate changing papers in bird cages/hamster cages, etc. My brother wants a chinchilla & I think that might be cool - except I'd have the whole change the cage thing again. We always had chickens when I was growing up & I loved that. I think my kids would love it too. We also had pigs on more than one occasion. In fact, my sister found a wild/stray pig when she was in high school & brought it home. We named him Stewart. Unfortunately, he got sick & died after about a week, but it was fun having a little piglet that was a pet & not just intended to eat. Does that answer the question? Probably not!

After trying to dye eggs for the last week, we finally got it done tonight! I was interested to see how Caleb would do. Last year he loved it, but refused to use a spoon & ended up with fingers/hands like Shrek. I had Trav stand next to him the whole time because I was afraid he'd end up going off the back of his barstool in excitement. Every time Caleb put an egg into a color he'd basically drop it so it would crack & Trav would cringe (I'd laugh). Then, when the eggs were dry & Caleb was putting stickers on the eggs, he'd go to sit it back down on the counter & he'd just smash it right down & Trav would cringe again (and I'd laugh again). I think Trav was cringing because he wants to do pickled eggs with the eggs. I was laughing because I hate hard boiled eggs & no one except Trav eats them at our house!

Checking to see if the eggs are "done"

Even Sam dropped an egg tonight! She finally remembered to use the spoon to put the eggs into the colors after her dad said something to Caleb!

I was surprised at how gentle Nash was. He's usually so rambunctious that I didn't think he had any gentle in him. In fact, he was the only one of the 3 that didn't crack any of his eggs!

He was totally happy as long as everyone followed his "I DO IT!" rule.

Look at that mischievous little grin. He was so proud of all of his eggs - cracks & all! In fact, he'd have been happy if we just gave him 6 raw eggs to crack into a bowl & stir up!

Can you tell he's excited? These were all of his finished eggs.

Sister with all of her finished eggs.

The entire batch - I'd dare say more have cracks in them than don't!

And finally, I had Sam take a profile picture tonight (in case I really don't make it 37 weeks). I knew she had dropped, but I didn't think it would show up that much in a picture. So, I've put the 35 wk & 36.5 wk pic side by side. I'm surprised that you can tell there is such a drop! And on a totally random side note - yes, I do have more than just this shirt in 3 colors! They are just my favorites! I never thought I'd like the kind that are all bunched on the side, but they fit so good and are so comfy I just don't want to give them up!


Tannie Datwyler said...

Those shirts you are talking about are also my favorite. I only had one, but I LOVED it. Those pictures are cute, I like to see the comparison.

I love the pictures of Caleb dyeing eggs. All your kids are cute, but little toddler boys dyeing eggs are adorable.

Chad & Cassidy said...

This makes me sound like a red-neck... actually Stuart didn't have a mom. And I didn't find him, Chad's friend did. But he was a cute piglet. I'm sure we will have extra chickens soon, cause 20 is too many. No egg-knocking?! Cute pics. I like the challenge.