Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nash starts T-ball, Caleb holds Brooke & Brooke experiences the "big tub"

Nash had his first t-ball game tonight. They haven't had any practices, but since Nash plays baseball with Grandpa Scott & his dad, I figured he'd do ok. It was cute to watch. Basically the rules are one team lets all players hit while the other team is placed throughout the field. Doesn't really matter if they have particular positions to play. There's a parent on first and a parent on third to coach the kids as to when to run. After the first team has all its players hit they switch and the team that was in the outfield gets to bat all their players. We had 6 kids show up tonight. They played Nibley City. The Nibley team had like 2 dozen kids show up!

This is a picture from Nash's Kindergarten graduation on Monday night. I should have turned the picture before I put it in, but B is screaming, it's after 10 pm & I'm trying to get kids ready for bed at the same time!

I like this picture. Caleb had been asking if he could hold his sister. I finally got him to sit still on the couch and handed her over. I think it's cute how he has his hand on her belly. He kept it there pretty much the entire time he was holding her.

B's belly button fell off on Sunday so I've been able to put her in the "big tub". Sister DOES NOT like this idea. She does ok for a minute and then when she realizes what's going on, she freaks out!

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