Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pictures of the kids

Not an exaggeration - for the first time in Nash's entire life, his hair lays flat. Unfortunately this also means he's quite shaggy! Here are the before pictures:

Here is the after: (I love their fohawks & so do they! I love when Caleb asks "Mom, I have pikeys?")

I walked out to the kitchen this morning & found this: (Caleb wants to be just like Nash even in his sleep!)

How this child can sleep like this is beyond me!

I stole my mom's memory card & look what I found! How cute is this?

Little sister looks just like her big sister did at this age. I don't think it's just the han me downs either!

Girlfriend is SERIOUSLY bow legged. Thank you dad for passing that gene on!

Bet you can't guess who was up with me until 1 am...

At least they were both happy!

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