Saturday, June 11, 2011

First time at the splash pad

Friday my niece & nephew were here for the day. Sam & Nash were thrilled for the company! We ended up going to the splash pad in Providence. It was the 1st time we had been there. The kids had a blast playing in the water & on the playground. We were at the park for nearly 2 hours and the kids did not want to go when it was time. I told them we'd go back soon.

I love this picture. Brooke just spent her time chillin' like a villain while we were at the park.

I ordered another board and vinyl to do 1 more sayings board for the girls' room. Here it is all finished.

Last night my mom got Brooke to sleep and laid her in the crook of the couch. When Sam and Nash came in they both wanted to snuggle up with her. I told them both to just leave her alone so that they didn't wake her up. Here's what I found a little later....

At least I know she's a good babysitter!


Heather said...

Hey, random question . . .

Do you still have those white supply baskets for pencils, etc. in the classroom? If not, no big deal. I wondered if I could use them this next school year.

My kids LOVE the splash pad. Let me know when you go next time--we'd love to join you.

Amanda Griggs said...

Yours is so very different from ours. Yours is outside with green grass around it, while ours is parked in the middle of an outdoor mall with shading over the top and fake green grass surrounding it.