Friday, June 24, 2011

We are surviving!

It took a bit to upload this many pictures, but it could have taken longer...I've got much more! My kids are too cute when it come to getting their picture taken. Of course, it probably doesn't help that I pack my camera EVERYWHERE!

We ventured over to the splash pad a week or so ago when my niece & nephew were here. The kids had a blast. Even Brooke was happy to be out of the house & not dodging rain drops!

Nash lost his first tooth not too long ago. He was tough. He let me pull it out willingly! It only took 3 tugs & it popped right out!

Sam & Nash have both been really good helpers with Brookelyn. Often times she'll start to cry & fairly quickly she'll stop. When I get to her, I find that one of them has picked her up and bounced her until she's happy. It makes me nervous to have Nash packing her around the house. Luckily he quite likes her so he tends to be fairly careful!

We went back to the splash pad when Travis was home this last time. Brookelyn was looking mighty cute, so we had a photo shoot.

The kids spent the night at my in laws last weekend. When Travis went to pick them up, this is what he found:

We went to Nibley Heritage Days this year. Last year I had a booth there. This year Samantha was dancing. She got to dance with her summer dance class, as well as her class from the past year. She's really enjoying summer dance. Her cousin Jade is taking the class with her, much to her delight, so it's extra fun!

Sam was super nice to Caleb while we were at Nibley Heritage Days. Not sure if it was because he had been puking earlier that day or if she just had an awesome big sister moment. Either way, he followed her around the entire time and she obliged his every whim! She paid for him to have a cookie and get his face painted. She took him over to play the free family games and rode on the rainbow train with him. I think he was pretty happy to have her giving him so much attention.
All 3 of my boys rode the mechanical bull while we were at Nibley Heritage Days. Can you see the absolute terror on Caleb's face?

On Father's Day (when we went to Provo to see Grandpa Butter) we got to visit with quite a bit of the Bown family from Manti. None of them had seen Brooke yet. In fact, we were planning to go down that very weekend. Grandma Butter was "pleased as punch" to just sit and hold Brookelyn & love on her! She gave us a baby present for Brooke too. She hand quilted a trico blanket for Brooke. It has Thumper, birds and flowers on it. The only down side is that it's white trico. She did one for my niece that's 3 days older. My nephew that's 4 1/2 also has one. Surprisingly, his is still white! And yes, he used it all the time!

Nash has really taken to his sister. I'm glad too because during my whole pregnancy he was quite indifferent to the idea of getting another sister. It's great to watch him with her. He does the face pulling and silly noises to make her happy. Tonight he was doing the face farts on her belly. She likes him just as much as he likes her too. She sure lights up when he comes into her line of vision. This second picture I was lucky enough to capture her when she was talking to Nash. It was soo cute. I can't wait until she starts cooing more! She's going to go nuts when Nash is around!

I saw this idea on a website awhile ago and decided to make one for each of the girls. The only thing that's sewn on it is the pillow part. Everything else is hot glued on. It took quite awhile to cute everything out. I finally got smart & took the fabric with me when I took the girls to dance class. The boys, Brooke & I went over to Adams park. Brooke sat in her carseat, the boys played at the playground, and I cut out my petals! I burned my thumb twice gluing it all together. I'm going to have quite the blister. But, I think it turned out super cute. I need to cut out some more petals (took more than I thought it would) so I can finish the other one. And, since blizzard fleece is on sale for $3.99 this week, I'm going to pick up some more fleece in some different colors so I can make some more!

Wonder what the next week will bring?

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