Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The day from hell...

Today was like a Monday from hell! Where do I begin??

I had to have Caleb at the pediatrician for his well check at 10:20 am. I started waking the kids up at 9:30 am. Thirty minutes should be plenty of time, right? Yeah, I should know better. We didn't leave our house until 10:10 am. It takes 20 min. to get to the dr.'s office. I called to let them know we would be about 10 min. late.

I finally make it to the dr.'s office & am informed that Dr. Clarke had an emergency this morning & is running about 20 min. late. Guess who doesn't feel bad about being late? I thought Caleb needed at least 1 shot. Turns out he didn't! That was the highlight of my day. I asked Dr. Clarke to check Brooke's ears because she's been crying for days, pooping nearly daily (uncommon for her), throwing up lots more than usual, and running a low grade fever. Her right ear is infected. Joy...sigh. It begins. She's only 2 months old! I shouldn't have told Dr. Blotter (our favorite ENT) that we'd be in when she was 6 months old. Foot in the mouth. Dr. Clarke gave me a prescription for amoxicillan for her. The other kids and I are all allergic to penicillan. None of them can take amoxicillan and the boys can't do omnicef. Thus, when we buy prescriptions, we don't do cheap ones. What happens? They break out in hives from head to to, just like their mother (and I heard medicine allergies aren't genetic!). What's odd is that it's usually not until the second or third time the kids took penicillan that they had a reaction. I'm guessing she'll do ok this time, but I bet the next time she gets the hives. Yes, I said next time because I don't live in denial, I know it's coming.

After leaving the pediatrician's office, I stopped at Shopko to drop off the prescription. While they were filling it, I ran to Wendy's drive through and grabbed lunch and fed Brooke. Then I went back to Shopko to pick up the prescription. I decided to make a quick trip to Sugar & Spice in Hyde Park to see if they had shelves that would work in the kids' rooms. That was a bust of a trip. Didn't buy anything there (and I freaking love that store).

After leaving Sugar & Spice I decided to stop at Hobby Lobby to see if maybe they had some shelves that would work. When we walked into the store Nash saw a mechanical pencil in another empty cart & asked if he could have it. I said, "No." and tossed it back into the empty cart. We made our way through the store, and, $90 later were headed out. I found 3 shelves (at only $16 each which I get to finish myself), a piggy bank for Brooke, a cute saying for the boys' room, modpodge, wood glue, and three unfinished crafts the kids picked out. As I'm paying for my stuff, I notice Samantha telling Nash to take something out of his shirt or she's telling mom. What is it? The stupid mechanical pencil again! Grrr... I said, "I told you NO!" and put it on the other side of the counter. He stalks off and Samantha stays with me. She walks out of the store slightly ahead of me and I notice she's talking to Nash again and he's fiddling with his shirt. I come out of the store (extremely perturbed) and get after him. I say, "Nash! That's stealing! You march your butt back into the store and put that back where you found it!" What does he pull out of his shirt? One of those metal rods they hang merchandise on. Oy! This child!! It's about now that the migraine starts to set in (and it's only 1:30 pm!)

Nash got quite the earful (as did the other kids) once we were all in the truck and headed back home. They got to hear (it was NOT a discussion) about how we PAY for things we want. How would he like it if someone came to his house and took his things without permission. Etc., etc., etc. The migraine is now growing. I told Nash when we get home he can go sit on his bed until I say so and he will not be getting his unfinished craft (a treasure box) until I say so!

Meanwhile, I have no idea where Caleb has picked up the word B**ch. He was using it the other night (yes, in context. He was saying, "You little B**** come here.") and he got in trouble for it. Earlier in the day Caleb had used the word again and I got after him. Just before their lecture on paying for things, he used it again. So, Caleb was informed (not so kindly) that he too would get to sit on his bed when we got home since he wanted to have a potty mouth. Migraine still growing.

We get home and the boys go into their room. They are told that I don't want to hear talking, playing, anything. I close the door and finish bringing things in. Meanwhile Caleb decides he's going to jump (yes, jump) off his bed drawers onto his bed. I'm sure Nash was encouraging it because I could hear his voice but not make out what he was saying. The boys were repeatedly busted for being naughty while they were suppose to be having punishment. Punishment didn't work too well I suppose. Migraine still growing and I'm now ready to pound head against wall.

Boys are finally allowed to come out. I decide to have the kids pick up all the toys in their room and start hauling them downstairs so we can figure out what's going to go into their new room. Sam has some friends show up and the toy hauling is stopped. Big surprise. With 6 kids in my house, the migraine isn't getting any smaller.

I decide to paint one of the shelves for the girls' room. Got it almost done. Had to let it dry before flipping it around to do the top. Yesterday I started refinishing a dresser for the boys' room. I bought red spray paint to paint it. I only bought 3 cans. Which was fine...for the dresser. Brooke was being, well, not screaming so I decided to try and paint the boys shelves. I ran out of spray paint. Figures. I no longer have 6 kids running around my house so I tell the kids we're going to Walmart to get more spray paint. Can't remember if it was the north or south Walmart I bought the spray paint at. Great. You'd think they'd carry the same things, right? Text the girl that's stopping by to pick up a custom order carseat canopy I finished at 1:30 am. Make it about 4 blocks from my house and get a text that she's in Hyrum. Turn around. Stop back at my house and decide maybe Ridley's (grocery store not far from home) has the same paint. Trade carseat canopy for check and go to Ridley's. No luck. Head to Walmart.

While I Walmart I find the 17 picture frames I need to finish the girls' names my sister in law and I started on months ago. Find red spray paint but not the same red spray paint as before. Cross my fingers it's a close match. Leave Walmart. Migraine continues to grow.

Get home and spray paint the shelves. Color looks good in the light so let's hope it matches in the morning light. Kids are driving me NUTS! Send 2 of them to get in the shower and Caleb to his room. Why? He drives his bike into my house (again) and refuses to take it outside. It gets quiet. I hope he's asleep (he hasn't napped all day). I should know better. The other 2 are out of the shower so I go check on Caleb. Disaster struck in the bedroom. Great. Head is throbbing. Take Caleb & go get in the shower. Put Brooke in her bouncy chair in the bathroom with us while the other 2 clean up the disaster. Get out of the shower and dressed only to discover Brooke has pooped all over. Into the bathtub goes Brooke (it's 9:15 pm). Kids are still cleaning up the disaster in their room. Caleb is sent in to "help". Get Brooke out of the tub and dressed. She's still sad. Give second dose of prescription and Tylenol. She falls asleep. Get kids a sandwich for dinner (yep, I'm that good).

While the older 2 kids eat, Caleb climbs in my bed and FINALLY falls asleep. Big kids are watching cartoons despite being told to go to bed. My brain hurts, I feel like I'm going to throw up, and I'm blogging. What the...

Tomorrow has to be better, right?


Chad & Cassidy said...

I'm pretty sure Caleb learned the "B word" from Larry.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I am SO SO SO SORRY!!!! How awful. :(

Amanda Griggs said...

Sounds like a perfectly horrible day.