Friday, July 22, 2011

Lots of pictures!

My lilies are doing fairly well this summer. I'm surprised because I didn't think they were looking too hot just a week or two ago.

My pathetic attempt at a garden this year:
These would be the poor pumpkin & watermelon plants that Caleb gave a haircut to the other day.

I think I mentioned that I had let my flowerbed out back get pretty bad. Here are the before pictures:
Notice the one that hits the roof? How it got that big with such a lack of love, attention & water is beyond me!
Yesterday after my visit to the chiropractor & massage, I came home & got this flowerbed weeded. The kids were at daycare is how I managed to get it done. You should see the sunburn on the back of my neck! Here are the after pictures:

I had a custom order for a carseat canopy at the booth on the 4th of July. Here's how it turned out.

Caleb's actual birthday was fairly lame. I was keeping it low key because we're having a party when his dad gets home. Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris came out to our house. Grandpa helped put outlet covers on, lights up and carpet in the boys' room. Caleb got to open his present from Grandma & Grandpa. He was pretty excited to get a new Mater car & book. If you shake Mater and set him down, he takes off.
I love the look he's giving Nash.
Since I didn't make his cake yet (It's Diego & I'm only making it once) Grandpa HELD a candle in his fingers & lit it. We sang Happy Birthday & then Caleb blew the candle out while Grandpa held it! Crazy Grandpa!

Caleb did get to play with the hose on his birthday. The boy loves water - just in a different way than the other two. He doesn't want to get in my mom's pool or swim in the lake without someone holding on to him - even when he has his life jacket on.
Sam has decided she wants to grow her bangs out. They are sooo long! They are almost to the end of her nose! I told her if she's going to grow them out she has to let me pull them out of her eyes so we can see her pretty face. I've been french braiding them into her hair & then putting her hair in a pony tail. She seems content with it....for now.
Baby sister was happy the other day & I managed to get some pictures of her smiling. I noticed when she was smiling today that she has 2 dimples (one on each side) just like her sister.
I was baking something the other day and Caleb was helping. Glad I had my stuff out of this bowl before the little helper got a hold of it!

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