Monday, October 3, 2011

A random assortment of things...

I've decided that putting the pix from my phone on the blog is kinda like a "day in the life of the stay at home mom".  Why?  Because I'm always taking pix of the kids & sending them to Trav.  Some of the pix are completely random & others are just because the kids are being cute.  And, I've even taken pix of the kids to show Trav that they're being naughty.  Telling the kids, "Ok.  I'm taking your picture & I'm sending it to dad." generally results in, "NO!  I'll be good, I promise!  Don't send the picture to dad!  PLEASE!"  Even Caleb has resorted to this speech!

I took Brooke to the pediatrician a week ago & she had Bronchitus.  Since we ended up with a prescription I ventured over to Shopko.  Of course I had to wait for the prescription, so I walked around the store.  (Generally an excuse to spend money!)  I looked at purses because I have had the same one for like 4 years & it was getting pretty beat up and gross.  Much to my luck, I found this cute one.  It was originally $49 & I got in on clearance for $14.  Since I had a $10 off your $20 purchase, I bought a cute zebra wallet too & ended up spending less than $20 for both items.  BARGAIN!

This is Brooke's new favorite past time: eating her toes.  She's quite proud of herself when she gets them in there.  I noticed the other day when she was chewing on them that she had her little toe up her nose while she was chewing on her big toe!  Made me laugh pretty hard!

I can't believe how fast this baby girl is growing up.  She's so darn stinkin' happy & cute all the time.  Even when it's late she's still happy.  I can't be mad at her when she's still awake at midnight some nights because she's like this the entire time!

The other day Caleb wanted a banana.  So, I got him one & set him up to the counter.  Here's what I found a few minutes later:
 It's how he eats his hot dogs too!  Little weirdo!

Friday night I let Sam have a sleepover with her cousin Jade because Nash was gone hunting with Trav.  Caleb got into Jade's bag & found her headband.  A few minutes later, I see him walking around like this:

I was really glad Brooke was this happy they other day because Caleb was making me nuts & I was ready to lose it!  How can you still be mad when you have one doing this though?

Brooke got to have bananas this weekend.  She ate a big bowl of oatmeal & half a jar of bananas before she got full!  It reminded me of when Sam was little.  She shoveled green beans and funeral potatoes into her mouth faster than you could believe.  Brooke would see the spoon coming, get excited, flail her arms until she found my hand then grab my hand and shove the spoon into her mouth as fast as she could!  I was surprised she didn't end up gagging on the spoon!

We went down to my mom's the other day & she was making caramel apples (yep, did that later on).  I remembered that when Nash was little we'd sit him in the walker & hold apples for him to munch on.  He loved the green Granny B apples the most.  So, I got a slice of apple & held it in for Brooke to try.  I thought she might like it because she's teething & chews hard on everything.  Well, she rather enjoyed her apple slice.  She didn't bite any bits off & she slimed it quite good!

This is that photo for the day of "I'm taking your picture & sending it to dad."  He was on his way back from the end of the stair railing!  GRRR!  I told him the day before that if he didn't get off he'd fall & break his neck.  His reply?  "No I won't."  Well duh, not on purpose you won't.  So, I grabbed him by the arm & yanked him down toward the stairs to kind of scare him (he was pretty close to the beginning).  He just laughed & thought it was fun.  Great idea mom.  I'm afraid if I put up a baby gate across the stairs he's just going to try & climb over it and he'll end up going down the stairs head first.  Any ideas?

Today will be my first day with students at my new job.  I'm excited.  It's probably going to be crazy because it's a short day.  But, oh well.  I'll take what I can get!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Good luck with the kids today! I take a lot of random pics too. It's just how life is ;) What a dare devil climbing across the stair railing! I wouldn't even dare do that! He is all boy :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

That banana picture made me laugh so hard. :)

Brooke is a DOLL - I swear she looks so much like Caleb.

As for the staircase... YIKES! I wish I had advice.