Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Festival at AWHC

About a week ago I got the Val Pak coupon package in the mail.  There was a flyer announcing the American West Heritage Center's Christmas Festival.  It had a bunch of things listed that would be going on.  I thought it sounded fun so I saved the flyer thinking I might take the kids.  Come Friday I decided we'd brave the weather and go check it out.  Since I took my donation for the food pantry we each got in for $5.

In the mail building where we bought our tickets they had a chocolate tasting.  It was kind of a goofy thing calling it that.  For each wrist band you had (we had 4) you got to pick 1, yes 1, item on the table to have with some chocolate.  I picked a 1x1 piece of fudge.  Nash just wanted an Oreo without any chocolate.  Sam picked an apple slice with caramel.  Since Caleb was zonked out in the stroller we picked out 1/2 a chocolate chip cookie for him.  Yes, I could have spent another $2 and gotten another 7 items from this fantastic "chocolate tasting", but I did just feed my kids and it did cost me $20 to get in.  Now if it had been something awesome, like a chocolate fountain and strawberries, I might have given it a bit more serious consideration.

This picture was in the main building.  Caleb was passed out COLD.  He was so excited to go but he was pretty tired too.  He fell asleep on our way there and didn't wake up until just before we were ready to leave.  Brooke is bundled up pretty good -you can see some eyeballs- (and stayed under her blanket until we walked back to the Expedition).

You had to walk around the entire farm to get to the different buildings that had stuff going on.  There was a wagon ride, but we couldn't ever manage to catch it when it was loading passengers.  I was ok with that though because I didn't want to unload a sleeping Caleb & try to carry Brooke.  I also didn't want to sit and wait in the cold with Brooke while Sam & Nash went for a spin.

We ventured out to the wood working building.  You could purchase any of the things in there that were for sale.  It was kinda cool to see inside that building because we hadn't ever been inside it before.  As we were walking out Samantha realized the giant piece of wood by the door was actually a coffin.  I think it creeped her out a bit!

We stopped in the barn for a gander at the live nativity scene.  The kids could dress up like shepherds if they wanted to.  Neither one wanted to though, so we were off again.

In the livery barn they had several vendors.  We chatted with my friend Mandy (who does Make it with Mandy night through On the Avenue).  The kids got to see Santa & Mrs. Claus while we were in here.  This was a GOOD Santa.  I was impressed.

After we were done at the livery barn, we went into the Mercantile.  It was kinda cool to see what was in there as I hadn't been in that building before either.  You could buy any of the stuff they had for sale in there too.  But, much like the rest of AWHC, I felt like everything was over priced.

After we left the Mercantile, I was able to find my way to the 1917 farm.  There was suppose to be candy cane making in here.  I was excited to see that.  In fact, that was the reason I decided to go!  I thought it would be really cool to see.  Once we got inside there were gingerbread cookies for the kids to decorate.  Now, when I say gingerbread cookies, I'm not talking a decent size cookie here.  I'm talking the size of a quarter....literally.  This is when Caleb finally woke up.  The little man had one cookie I helped him frost.  Then, when we went in the other room and were waiting for Nash to finish stringing his popcorn & cranberries he decided he wanted another one so Sam went with him to get one.  They came back & he ate it before he decided he wanted a third.  So, I told Sam she could take him back in to get one more.  A few seconds later the poor kid was crying.  Apparently the girl in the kitchen told him he couldn't have another one.  Now, I get why.  But seriously?  He's 3 and your cookies are the size of a quarter.  Not to mention we only saw about a dozen people in the 2 hours we were there.  It's not like they were going to run out of cookies.  So, I was annoyed.  I had to finally convince Nash that it was time to go (he was really into stringing that popcorn & cranberry string!).  Caleb finally quit crying once we were out of the farm house and headed back to the Expedition.  Poor kid.  I think he was slightly traumatized.  I don't think it helped that I made these cinnamon/apple sauce gingerbread men cutouts the other day that aren't cookies, but rather air fresheners.  I keep telling him they aren't to eat but he does anyway!   Guess I need to make some gingerbread cookies for the poor kid!

So, after about 2 hours, some freezing time outdoors, and traumatizing Caleb over quarter sized gingerbread cookies, we headed home.  I think the kids had a good time.  It was nice to get out and do something.  Since there weren't a ton of people it wasn't crazy insane like I thought it might be either.  I would have taken them today (during the day when it was warmer), but I was doing a boutique all day & knew Friday night would be our only chance!  Today was the Hyrum Holiday at Hardware.  I took the kids last year and they had a great time.  I wish we could have made it today.  Guess that will have to go on the list with go to SLC to see the lights on temple square when dad comes home!

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