Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sister finally has 2 teeth!  The 2 bottom front teeth she's been working on for the last 6 months have FINALLY come through!  Yes, I did do the happy dance when I saw them last night!

Took B to InstaCare again tonight.  Poor girl had eyes that were red, goobery, and nearly swollen shut since Thursday.  I thought she either had a cold & it had gone to her eyes or possibly had an allergic reaction to cinnamon.  Nope.  Sister has pink BOTH eyes.  Great.  Got some eye drops for that.  Twice a day for the next week.  Sister didn't care for that much.  Awesome.  Good news is her ears look great.

However, since she started back up with the diarrhea again I asked the dr. about it.  The dr. we saw tonight consulted with the dr. we saw last time we were there.  Decided we'd better put her on the rx we talked about last time.  I guess she has an infection from being on too many antibiotics for too long (four rxs in about six weeks).  So, she gets to be on this rx FOUR times a DAY for the next TEN days.  Then we have to follow up with her regular pediatrician to make sure the infection is cleared up.  Kinda weird they want to put her on a rx for diarrhea that she got from being on too many rxs for too long of a time!

She now weighs 21 lbs even and is 27 3/4 inches long.  I think it's time to take her out of the baby carrier and put her in the upright carseat facing backwards.  Not sure how she'll like it since she's still not a huge fan of being put into her carseat in the first place, but, maybe this will be better for her.

On a random side note, a piece about Caleb:
Tonight I left him with my mom & dad while I took B to InstaCare because Trav was doing homework & the older kids were with my sister in law.  When I came by to pick him up my mom told me my Grandpa Maughan had stopped by.  Grandpa was trying to talk to Caleb and get a conversation going.  When Grandpa asked "What's your name?"  Caleb answered "DON'T look at me!"  When Grandpa asked him how old he was, Caleb answered with, "I'm NOT telling you."  Grandpa kept asking him questions and finally Caleb looks at Grandpa and says "You're messing with the WRONG Boy!"  That kid apparently has waaaay too much of his mother's attitude!

I have a bunch of pictures from the concert last night that I'm going to try & download to the computer tonight so I can blog about it tomorrow.  It was most fantastic!  Three and a half hours of music & awesome special effects!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Caleb is too funny. I hope B gets feeling better soon :) Glad you had fun at the concert!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Poor little B!! That's awful - I hope she gets feeling better soon. Your poor family takes the cake for sickness. :(

I can't believe Caleb - he is too funny!!