Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A snow fort

 Last week we managed to get five inches of snow (surprisingly, it's still here too).  When Travis went out to shovel the driveway I conned the kids into going outside to play in it.  Their dad can usually get them to build a snowman (mom's kinda lame and won't go out because she doesn't have boots or warm enough clothes).  He got them started on a snowman.  They rolled balls all over the front yard, through the driveway....

and even into the backyard.  Eventually they abandoned the idea of a snowman.  They had started to pile up their giant snowballs, but for some reason or another Sam turned them into her throne.

Next thing I know, I look out back and I see Travis shoveling the grass.  I'm thinking "What the heck?"  I figured he was building them a sledding hill.  Nope.  He showed them how to carve it out into the shape of a fort.  Before long Sam came in asking for bread pans.  Dad was showing them how to make bricks for the fort.

Even Caleb got into packing the bread pans (I mean brick pans).

I had Sam stand up inside the fort so I could see how tall it was getting.  They did a few rows of bricks around the top and then gave up (Dad had come inside).  So, every time I look out back I can see a half finished fort.  Now they need to half finish another one across the yard so they can have a snowball war!

This little girl sure loves her big brother Nash.  In fact, I'm quite certain she ADORES him.  She lights up whenever he walks into the room.  She gets the biggest grin and just loves to sit by him and hang out.  I think they are going to be the best of buddies.

I saw this one night not long after Christmas.  My mom had given Sam and my niece matching nightgowns and these fleece hats.  I told her the hats were not intended as a night cap, but rather for outside.  Apparently, she doesn't care.  She has slept with it on almost every night since she got it on Christmas Eve!

I believe I failed to mention that Nash lost a tooth on Christmas Eve.  I felt bad after I pulled it because there was actually more root to it than I had anticipated.  I felt really bad because I had to yank pretty dang hard to get it out.  He was a trooper though.  He let me yank it and didn't yell or scream nearly as much as his big sister did!  Since he was so tough he got a whole $1 from grandma.  Then, the Tooth Fairy left him another $2!  Santa AND the Tooth Fairy in the same night - what a lucky kiddo!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

I am SO jealous of the snow. I am not one of those people that hates snow, I miss it. we haven't had hardly any. :( SO SAD.