Saturday, February 4, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 2

Sam bought Nash this toy gun at Macey's last night.  It makes the gun noise & there's a guy screaming!  It also has flashing lights.  Caleb has pretty much confiscated it.  He continues to shoot ME, oh, and squirrels!

 A moment of sadness this morning when I took the gun away.

 Sister pulls this little face all the time.  I absolutely love it!  I just wish she'd open her mouth some so I could catch a picture of her teeth!

Sister has figured out how to open cabinets that don't have child lock on them.  Good thing she's in her walker so she can't actually get in there!  I think the extra shoelace will be reappearing soon!

I took this picture to show how chubby sister is getting.  Her belly is pink because Nash was blowing the face farts on her belly.

Nash was so cute with her this morning.  She totally loves and adores him.

His scary gun face!

Remember the picture I took of the boys in their one eyed monster hats?  Well, here are a few more hats.  No, they aren't Sam's.  I had the same lady make them for my cousins for their birthdays.  We sent the hats off today so I had to get a picture of them first!

Cousins Jack & Jade got to come play today.  My kids have been in heaven!

While Sam was at the birthday party, I went to JoAnn's.  I know, I know.  I haven't been there in what feels like ages.  I found this book & got some yarn & new hooks.  I'm hoping to get some of these done to sell for Relay Fundraisers.  Plus, it was a New Year's Resolution to crochet at least 3 things this year.

Was feeding sister this afternoon & she nose dived into her dinner.  Had to get a cute mush face picture of the girl!

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