Sunday, April 15, 2012

Phone dump

Some of these I may have posted before, but, oh well!  My kids are cute enough to post the same photo twice, right?  I think so!

This was B's first pony tail/top knot.

In the tub tonight.  She's recently discovered the joy of 1-standing up in the tub & thinking it's hilarious when mom freaks out 2-yelling at the baby in the faucet 3-tasting the bar of soap 4-drinking bath water like her hilarious 3 yr old brother and 5-making the biggest splashes possible.

I took this one awhile ago.  I think it's funny that B sleeps with her mouth wide open like Sam does.

I took this one quite awhile ago too I think.  Amazing they are getting along here.  That wasn't happening today at all!  Nice to have a visual reminder that it does occasionally happen!

St. Patrick's Day (well, really the day before but they were dressed so cute for school)

Caleb has discovered the joy of dress ups within the last few months.  He has worn his poor pumpkin Halloween costume to DEATH.  Seriously.  The velcro up the back has seen much better days & needs repaired if he is to continue wearing it.  He sure loves it though!

Cracks me up when she pulls out her pony tail/top knot and she's left with this awesome mohawk!

This was at California Adventures.  This is the shirt she got for dancing there.

I don't even remember taking this picture!  It had to have been me though because it was on my phone!  She's wearing the outfit we brought her back from California too.

She is looking more like her older sister every day.  However, she maintains that mischeivous sparkle in her eye that Caleb also has.  I'll admit it...I'm afraid, I'm very, very afraid!  I took this picture when I gave her some strawberries last week.  It was so funny.  I gave her just a slice or two and she snarfed them right up.  When hers were gone & she realized Caleb had a whole bowl full she started smacking him and reaching for his bowl while yelling at him until he finally caved and gave her some of his!  It was so funny!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Those are fun picture - I love the strawberry story. :)

And holy cow about the ENT!! Will it ever end you ask??