Thursday, May 3, 2012

Talent Search 2012, a birthday party & powdered donuts

Last weekend Samantha competed at Talent Search 2012.  My niece, Jade, got to compete too.  It was fun for me to watch both girls.  Jade hasn't competed before so this was new territory for her.  It was fun for me to watch someone who was excited about the hustle and bustle and not have to listen to them complain about how it's taking FOREVER!  (Actually, Sam's usually pretty good about keeping the complaining at these things to a minimum but the judges DID take FOREVER this time!)

Here are the girls with their awards.  They both got a trophy as well as a ribbon.  The ribbon for Jade was for participating in the dance down.  The ribbon for Sam was for participating in the drill down.  Plus, Sam got a medallion for taking 3rd in the dance down for her age group.

These cute girls look more alike every time I look at their pictures!  I love their matching glasses too!  I can't believe how old they both are!  I swear they were both babies just yesterday!

Speaking of how old these girls are, May 1st was Jade's 8th birthday.  We went out for cookies and ice cream.  My sister mentioned that we hadn't taken any pictures of these girls together since probably Christmas.  Despite Brook having what my other kids call "her boy hair do", I snapped some photos.  I think my sister got a few better ones.  It's fun to have girls so close in age again. Sam & Jade are 15 months apart & these two are only 2 months & a day apart.  Brookie looks as old (and chubbier than) Sunny!

Yesterday I took Brooke to watch Nash's soccer game in Nibley.  He's playing better at every game.  He's goalie (in the red shirt).  The sun was shining right in our eyes most of the game.  They kinda got creamed at this game (6-0).  Half this team was a year older than our team.  Their previous game they played a team where all the kids on it were a year older - they got creamed at that game too.  It makes me smile though because Nash always says, "They beat us __ to __, but I still had a lot of fun!  And that's what matter's, right mom?!"  Love it.

Tonight we got to dance about 45 minutes early so we ran across the street to Smiths to get pull ups.  Well, as my luck would have it, they had several items on their 10/$10 sale.  One of those items happened to be powdered donuts.  Powdered donuts are Caleb's FAVORITE (along with pink milk and waffles).  So, I let the kids each pick a drink and we got the rest of our 10 items as powdered donuts.  Why?  Well, Caleb loves them and I figured they'd be easier than letting everyone pick something else and make me walk all over the store.  Unfortunately, I still had to walk all over the store because Samantha HATES donuts (yes, she reminds me every time I try to get her to eat one).  So, 40 minutes later, we walk out of Smiths with about 7 of the 6 pack of powdered donuts.  Brookelyn was freaking out trying to grab everything of everybody else's.  When I had Caleb strapped in I asked him if he'd give Brooke a donut.  Not sure if that was a smart idea or not.  My vehicle looked like someone had been having a crack party after she was done.  She sure was happy though!

Tomorrow I get to make a Monster High cake for Jade's friend birthday party.  Should be interesting - I'm making my own pattern here.  Saturday is our big yard sale/bake sale fundraiser for Relay for Life.  I'm hoping we have good weather and an even better turn out....cross your fingers!

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Chad & Cassidy said...

I look like a fat, evil, physco in that picture... just for the record.

I love the pictures of Brooke. You need to do one of Caleb snorting dirt and Brook snorting powder side by side! Haha