Thursday, May 24, 2012

Caleb's Preschool Graduation

Today my baby boy graduated from Preschool!  I can't believe he's almost four and is graduating from his first year of preschool already!  Miss Shannon has been great with Caleb all year long - even when he's been a stinker.  We absolutely love Miss Shannon and are excited to go back for summer school in just a couple weeks.
The graduation was only 20 minutes long (perfect for wiggly four year olds.)  They sang several songs and told us what their favorite part of preschool was and what their favorite color was.  Then they got their certificates from Miss Shannon.  After everything was all done they got a prize (we still haven't opened Caleb's yet) and treats.  The kids were all super excited about the treats!

With his friend Davin:

Getting his diploma (I wanted to get a picture of him getting his diploma but he grabbed it and ran!)

This is a really cute picture but I had told him to hold his certificate up and he moved it right as I snapped the  camera!

A silly picture with Miss Shannon

A nice picture with Miss Shannon

Thank you Miss Shannon, We LOVE You!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Now, was Caleb born in the summer??? Does he just have one more year of preschool left before kindergarten? Am I remembering right??

I love that last picture of him with his teacher.