Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lots of cute pictures of Brookelyn

Last Sunday we went down to Aunt Jamie and Uncle Robbie's house.  Samantha had picked out a birthday present for Cousin Jaxton and it gave the kids a chance to play one more time before the new cousin was born.  The kids had lots and lots of fun and of course didn't want to leave when it was time.  Brookelyn was able to get in on the train table action on this trip too.

The other night I walked into the girls' room to check on them before I went into bed.  I found Brookelyn like this and just giggled and giggled.  I have no idea how the heck this could possibly be comfortable at all!

Yes, she IS in fact griping the sidebar of the crib!

I've been working on this wedding cake and 100 cupcakes.  I think I mentioned mom bought me a Cricut Cake machine.  The other day I had the Cricut out and was cutting more gumpaste daisies.  I figured even though B was running around she was being good so I could get a few done.  I only had 31 to go so maybe I could finish it up.  A few months ago she figured out how to open my drawers and learned that it was super funny to pull all mom's dish towels out of the drawer.  She has since found the other drawer full of dish towels and empties that drawer quite quickly as well.  I was working on the daisies and she was emptying my drawer.  The next thing I know she's popped up right next to me and starts watching the Cricut cut daisies.  After a second of checking out my machine she looks up at me with her cheesy little grin and says, "HI-YA!"  Little stinker!  She was so cute I couldn't help but giggle!  I got her out of the drawer after the picture but since then she has managed quite a few more trips into the drawer.  One today without pulling all the towels out (a bonus for me).  Although, she did have the idea that if she pulled everything out of the next drawer up, it's as good as stairs!  Crap.

I was playing with B's hair the other day and decided I'd try and do a couple braids in it.  I had sat her in the bathroom sink so she had access to the toothbrushes and all the hair elastics.  She was pretty good for me to do it.  She didn't hold still, but she wasn't screaming, "OWIE" like she does when she sees me coming with the comb!

Sister has decided she still really likes to play here.  I've recently busted the shoe lace back out and tied the cupboards shut.  She isn't too keen on that idea!  She likes the drum/bang noise it makes when she yanks on it though!

Yesterday sister busted out my Swiffer Sweeper.  I wondered if she'd give up and crawl while pushing it around the floor like usual.  Turns out, sister just needs something in her hands to have the confidence to walk!  She took a good 10-12 steps while holding the Swiffer Sweeper!  I think we'll just keep the Rock Band drum sticks out for her!  She did a repeat of her trick holding those!

Yesterday we went back to my mom's house to get in the pool.  The big kids were in the pool for a total of FOUR hours!  The only reason they got out when they did was because dinner was ready!

I love this little swim suit!  It was one of Sam's when she was this size.

I was impressed I got her to leave Caleb's shades on long enough for a picture!  She will usually only wear them on her neck!

Today we went back to Grandma's house to get in the pool again!  This time Aunt Cassidy's kids were there.  Sunny was perfectly content playing with the spoons and measuring cups next to the pool rather than getting in the pool!  Silly girl!

B's hair is getting so long!  I left it down for a change today because her teeth have been bothering her so bad lately and I didn't want to torture her any more than I had to.

Caleb informed me he was the King and he was making "Bullet soup".

The girls got their first jeep & hummer time today.  The battery in the jeep is dead and the battery in the hummer is almost dead too.  They were perfectly happy just climbing in and out of it 100 times!

Grandma Terri got a stick and pushed the gas pedal for B so she could have a ride in the driver's seat!

After Grandma quit pushing the gas pedal she would stand up on the seat and dance!  It was too funny!

Finishing off Grandma's blueberries:

Here's the stand for the wedding cupcakes I've been working on.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I hope it doesn't tip when I put cupcakes on it!

This is what the wedding cake is going to go on.

We've been keeping it pretty mellow here the last week or so.  Basically just staying at home.  Tonight Nash is getting to have his Cousin Clayton sleep over.  Samantha is excited that Aunt Jamie & Uncle Robbie will come pick him up tomorrow and bring the new baby & Cousin Jaxton to visit.  Sam's been DYING to meet her new cousin because as she says, "I love his face!"  Travis comes home tomorrow (yay!).  Monday marks our 13th wedding anniversary!  Wow.  That went fast.  Not sure what we'll do to celebrate yet.  Caleb has his well check scheduled for that day and I was planning to do his Kindergarten shots.  Hope there isn't too much drama with that!  We've talked about heading over to Bear Lake while Travis is home and maybe going camping.  Not sure how I feel about the camping idea - I'm still trying to recover from the last time we went camping!  Only 3 weeks of summer vacation left!  Guess we'll have to kick it into high gear to fit everything else in before school starts on Aug. 23rd!

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