Sunday, July 1, 2012

A slow week at our house

Since my last post the USB cable that connects my camera to my hard drive has decided to die.  Hence the reason I haven't posted in awhile.  I finally decided that since I haven't gotten a new USB cable yet I'd better just post anyway!  (Today I added pictures from my phone!)

I've managed to make another batch of strawberry jam using the strawberries from our patch.  Now, if I could manage to not kill raspberries, I'd be one happy jam maker!  Today I also picked 3 jalapenos off my pepper plant!  My cherry tomato plant is loaded with little green tomatoes.  I can't wait for them to start ripening!

I scored a killer deal on a train table for Caleb.  My aunt was getting rid of hers so I bought it from her.  It came with the table, a set of wooden train tracks, a set of plastic train tracks, people, buildings, trees, etc.  He is so excited about it.  Nash & Sam have even gotten in on the train action too!

I've taken Brookelyn back to the dr.  She's had a booger nose, sadness, pulling at her ears, a slight fever, and generally just not being herself.  I was thinking it was just teeth because she's got super swollen gums where her molars are probably coming in.  It had finally gotten to be a week and a half since it all started and it wasn't getting any better.  I broke down & took her in to Insta care yesterday. They told me her ears looked good (shocker!) but that her throat looked pretty bad.  So, she's now on amoxicillan three times a day for ten days.  She isn't too happy about that but if it gives me my happy baby back, I'll suffer through 10 more days of sadness.

Little sister has gotten a little big for her own britches.  She thinks she's pretty big stuff lately.  She's recently learned how to climb up on my waterbed without any kind of help.  Great.  I also noticed the other day that she can lift her foot up & put it on the lever on her crib.  I don't think I'll be able to contain her in there much longer unless I buy one of those tents that goes over the top!

Nash lost another tooth!  He's been bugging me to pull it for a few weeks but I just didn't think it was quite lose enough until last week.  He was super tough & let me yank it right out without so much as a whimper!  Too bad I can't ever say the same for Sam!  Caleb keeps telling me he has a lose tooth too!  I think he's a bit excited to get in on the action!

I've been working on that T shirt quilt quite a bit.  I've got just under 9 hours into that sucker & all I've done is cut out the shirts, cut out the decor bond, iron on the decor bond, and layout the quilt!  I've got a few rows I can sew together now.  Once I get a few rows sewn together then I can cut a big piece of blanket to size that I have to go down in one of the corners.  The next real tricky part is figuring out how to deal with the lacrosse jersey.  It's the jersey fabric & I just don't know how well that's going to go over.  Any suggestions?  It's going to be a super cute quilt though.  Once it's all sewn together I will have to still put it on the quilt frames & tie it before I can bind it.  My goal is to have it completely done to take with me to the first work meeting I have (likely mid August).  I actually asked my mother in law if I could have all the old baseball shirts to make into a t shirt quilt for either Travis or his dad.  There aren't nearly as many as I had hoped & several of them look exactly the same.  Not sure how well that's going to turn out.

I finally bought some gum paste so I can start putting together some gum paste daisies.  Yes, I agreed to do a wedding cake.  It's an 8x8 cake with 100 cupcakes.  The gum paste daisies are going on top of the cupcakes.  I figure if I start making a few each week then I won't have to make 100 the last week of July!  Wedding is August 2nd so here's to no more procrastinating on that project!

I saw a recipe online for a watermelon cake the other day.  I decided it was really cute & should try to make it.  I read through the reviews & ended up making some of the changes.  It turned out kinda cute but the chocolate chips inside the cake melted in mine & they weren't melted on the picture.  I was sad about that.  I think it still turned out cute though.

Last week we were a little more mellow in our activities - I needed to recoup from the fire incident and catch up laundry!  This week is going to be crazy busy though!  The kids don't have school on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Sam is having cousin Sadie sleep over on Monday night & Nash might be having cousin Clayton sleep over on Thursday.  We have all the fun 4th of July activities in Hyrum on Wednesday (no, I'm not doing a booth this year) and we might go watch the Logan fireworks with my in laws on Tuesday night.

Yesterday Millville Canyon caught on fire.  Apparently it was a result of target shooters.  I got a picture on my camera as I drove by last night.  I saw on facebook last night a picture that a friend had taken.  She snapped a good one once it got dark.  I thought it had been pretty much out but apparently I was wrong!  I just hope it's under control now!

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