Sunday, July 15, 2012

Relay for Life 2012

This year our event was held out at Elk Ridge park in North Logan.  This turned out to be a really, really good thing for us this year!

For opening ceremonies a bunch of motorcycles took the flag around the track!

Travis did his fair share of laps with Brookie on Friday during the heat of the day while I set up the silent auction (which I was in charge of - silent auction took in $2655 this year too).

Brookelyn liked our "spirit stick"

Our caregiver messages for the survivor lap!

Survivor lap!  I missed Grandpa & Grandma because apparently they walked on the opposite side of the track than what I was on!

Miss Cache Valley helped carry the banner during the survivor lap!

My mom pushed Cindy in her wheelchair for the survivor lap since she just had hip surgery.

My friend Amber was there to walk the survivor lap too!

My grandpa doing cowboy poetry after the survivor dinner.

My poor mother had to watch Brookelyn a lot since I was back & forth with the silent auction the entire weekend.

How cute is this baby girl in her relay shirt?

The rain & wind caught us on Friday night about 8 pm.  The wind was awful!  Because of the rain & wind our friends, Melody & Tyler, weren't able to perform for the event!  I felt so bad!  They drove all the way up from SLC for the performance.  They performed last year & have told me they'd come perform next year too.  They didn't feel too bad because they went & got Fredrico's even though they couldn't play.  That fear of electrocution during a rain storm kinda got the best of them :)

Sham-WOW!   Cleaning up puddles that were in the tent after the rain storm.  There were a LOT of puddles to clean up too.  We had dropped the canopy & both tents when the wind started.  The doors on the tent had to be undone in order to get all the air out of them so they'd lay down & they never got done back up!

All our fundraising items sitting in the tent out of the rain.

Travis had taken the kids to his parents' house during the storm & came back up when I called him & told him we needed a shopvac & towels. :)

This wagon became my very good friend.  My arthritis was kicking my butt for a few days before Relay & then again at Relay because of the storm.  My cousin, Melissa, pulled me around the track 15 times so I could collect my lap beads!  I wanted to get more lap beads than I did last year (18) so she pulled me around and around the track until I hit 19 laps.  I ended up doing 2 more laps Saturday so I ended up with a total of 21 lap beads.  Thanks Mis!

This is where Melissa slept because her tent was still wet when we gave up around 5 am & went to sleep!

Where Brookelyn took her nap on Saturday while Travis & I did clean up.

The rain was kind enough to come back during clean up too.

The sign my team got because of our fundraising total ($1119 prior to the event).  Yes, I took the sign home & yes, it's currently staked in my front yard & will remain there until further notice!

My other goal for Relay was to raise $1,000 personally.  Since several silent auction items had been donated through sponsorship, I was able to credit that toward my fundraising as well.  With that little addition, I was able to hit $1001 at the event.  I counted up what we sold from our fundraising at the event & that totaled another $102.  I am going to take $30 from that $102 & purchase the final box of Cards for a Cause.  That will give me $195 from Cards for a Cause & another $72 from our event fundraising.  That will put my personal fundraising total at: $1268.  Yep, I'm proud of myself.  I worked my butt off for that $1268!  I'll be getting the red shirt for being a "Grand Club" member as well.  That means I personally raised $1,000 or more.
I've already said I'd be willing to be chair person of sponsorship again next year.  Not sure what I was thinking because I agreed to that about 3 weeks ago!  I guess it's because now I know what I'm up against & I'm not starting from scratch!  Plus I'll be able to start in January and not in March!  Sponsorship was able to secure $7,000 in donations this year.  I was told that was more than double what sponsorship did last year.  Here I was thinking I needed to hit $10,000 to even begin making a dent in it!  Guess that will be next year's goal for myself - hit $10,000 in sponsorship totals!  Yes, I am crazy.  The preliminary numbers I was given yesterday at clean up put our event total somewhere in the neighborhood of $90,000.  We're a ways short of our $150,000 goal, but $90,000 is still a lot of money.  Plus, we can turn in money until August 31.  I think the rainstorm on Friday just killed it for us.  There were a lot of good onsite fundraisers that got messed up because of the storm.  I bet there are teams that will do their fundraising & turn in money later.  It would be cool to hit $97,000 like we did last year.
Travis & my mom were talking yesterday & have already come up with some ideas for our team theme for next year.  I'm a bit horrified at their ideas & yet oddly curious to see if it works out.  Good thing we've got a whole year to figure it out!  Now my question is whether or not to go get a booth at the Hyrum Farmer'

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