Thursday, July 19, 2012

We party like rock stars...

Caleb officially turned FOUR on Wednesday, July 18.  When he woke up I told him, "Happy Birthday Caleb!"  He looked at me and said, "It's my birthday?!"  I said, "Yep."  He stops and looks at me with a completely serious look on his face and says, "Well!  We need to get some people here for a party!"  The kid totally cracks me up.  Apparently he forgot that we already had his party!  Oh well, I like how the kid thinks!

So, since he decided we need to have a party, we made chocolate cupcakes (I've trained him well, he licks beaters):

B got in on the action after her nap & helped taste test one of our cupcakes (much to her brother's dismay):

The girl had crumbs from her nose to her toes!  I even found crumbs hiding between her diaper & her thighs when I went to change her!

I told my mom what Caleb had said about having a party and asked if we could come down and have a hot dog roast.  She said that would be fine so around 6:30 we ventured down to grandma's house for Caleb's party.  We pulled out some lounge chairs & partied in style:

B & Nash played a rousing round of "Put the swimming pool over Nash, climb on top of the pool, sit on Nash's head, get off the pool & check to make sure he didn't escape"

There was also quite a few rounds of dog pile on the swim floaties:

We even let Charlotte come to the party:

B has learned how to climb into this chair completely by herself.  And don't think that it's going to be ok with her if you hold onto the arm rest to keep the chair from falling over.  She'll let you have the what for because that just ain't right!

After we worked up an appetite playing, we had cupcakes!  And then we roasted a hot dog!

On our way home when I asked Caleb if he had a good birthday he said, "Yea, but I didn't get to open any presents though."  Ha!  My mom did tell him that she's working on a new flying suit for him though.  She would have had it done if her sewing machine hadn't broken last week too!  He was pretty excited when he realized that was a present that would be coming his way soon.  I think Caleb was pretty happy with the fact that Uncle Zack was at Grandma's house and came out to play with him too.  Who needs presents when you have an Uncle Zack to play with anyway?!

I still can't believe he's FOUR!  Now, if the little bugger would decide he's going to use the potty ALL the time & not just when it's convenient for him!

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