Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Witch Born Countdown!

When I went to California in March I borrowed a copy of the book Witch Song from my friend.  One of her good friends, Amber Argyle, wrote the book.  I LOVED this book!  I read it super quick & didn't want to put it down!  I've since voted for it in several categories on  Well now, the much anticipated sequel, Witch Born, is creeping up on it's release date!  You can check out Amber's blog & enter to win a signed  proof of the book before it even comes out in stores!  I've entered and am hoping to win it!  I've told Amber several times I'd gladly edit for her!  Go check out her blog & enter to win a copy!

1 comment:

Amber Argyle, author said...

Thanks, Misty! Congrats on the new baby in the family. Love to spoil other people's kids. :)