Monday, August 13, 2012

Bubble baths, dancing and recipes

Last night I let Nash get in the tub with Brookelyn.  I left for a second to take care of Caleb and came back to a bath tub of bubbles.  Apparently, even Nash is quicker than I am!  Brooke was loving the bubbles though so I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures.  Nash was teaching her how to make a bubble beard.

Notice the expression on her little mug?  Yep.  Caught climbing again!

Nash getting his groove on with Brookelyn

 Tonight I was trying to decide what to do for dinner.  Nash & Sam were down at my parent's house so it was just me and the littles.  Caleb is one of the pickiest kids I know.  I finally remembered I have this giant cookbook of (what else?) mostly untried recipes:
In case you're wondering, it's 2.5 inches and yes, it's mostly full (as you can tell by the next photo).

It isn't like I've got a shortage of recipe books to choose from.  Everything on my shelf is a recipe book except that pile on the very bottom on the left and in the middle.

I couldn't find a recipe to use for pork chops that I thought sounded tasty.  So, I resorted to  I ended up making Honeyed Pork Chops.  Yes, I printed that recipe out for my binder as well.
Next time I won't cook them as long as it said to, they were a bit dry.

After realizing just how many recipes I had in my untried recipes binder, I've decided I need to set another goal for myself to do another month worth of new recipes every day.  I did have try 1 new recipe each week on my summer bucket list, but I've failed miserably.  I've only tried 3 new recipes the entire summer!  Be watching for new recipe posts to come!

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