Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cousins come to play

Today we had some cousins, Kash & Olivia, over to play.  I, therefore, learned what it would be like to have 1 year old twins, that don't nap, and that both walk would be like.  Let's just say I'm glad I don't have 1 year old twins!  Our cousins were good and my kids were too - it was just lots of little people who were kinda grouchy because they wouldn't nap!

Before Kash & Olivia came to play, Brookelyn decided she wanted to practice her piano skills.  Yes, she is in fact standing on the piano.

I was wondering if the girls would be as good with each other this time as they were last time.  Turns out, luckily for me, they were!  There were only a few times they got huffy with each other and wanted the toy the other one had.  But, for the most part, they were both pretty good girls.

This is the newest dress up that the older kids like putting on little sister.  It has a bunch of ribbon that trails forever down the back side.  Brookelyn thinks she's the queen of the house when she has it on and is sitting on her throne!

Liv liked my zucchini cookies :)

Nash is like a kid whisperer to these girls!  Seriously, for a kid that wasn't that excited about getting a sister for his birthday a year ago, he sure does like her!  He's the same way with Livi.  I wonder if it just carries over from being with Brookelyn all the time or if he just has a soft spot for little girls now.  He was so good to help them slide and swing.  He even got them toys and entertained them without me asking him too!

Nash's own little sister is quite a bit bigger than Kash's little sister!  Livi was much easier for Nash to put in the swing than Brookelyn was!

Brookelyn had a slippery bum and kept falling out of the swing.  It would take her by surprise each time and then she'd fuss until someone put her back up on the swing.

These two could have sat here for hours and been perfectly fine.

There she goes out of the swing again!

Livi checking out the picnic table

Having a snack of graham crackers.  Notice the phone in B's hand?  Yep, future texter I do believe!

Livi needed a cracker for each hand.  B was good as long as she had my phone.

The kids had a good time playing.  I was happy that the older boys included Caleb quite well all day long.  I think the girls would have been much happier if they had in fact taken a nap rather than be quiet long enough to drink a bottle!  Oh well, we had fun and that's what matters most!

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