Sunday, September 2, 2012

A 40th Birthday Party

Today was my aunt's 40th birthday.  My grandma had a black, surprise 40th birthday party for her.  I was put on cake detail.  I made these cupcakes (thought the kids would like them) because she's "older than dirt".

I created a tombstone for her as well.

Not everyone in the family was able to make it to the party.  The only kids that were there were my aunt's five kids & my four.  They had a great time in the field next to grandma & grandpa's house.  It reminded me of when I was a kid & we'd have a get together out at their house.  I'm glad I don't have to worry about the canal (since they moved a few years ago) with Caleb (he's the one that would head straight for it I'm sure!).

The kids found all of the balls grandma had & started several rounds of dodge all.  Brookelyn kept running out into their game.  They were good sports to dodge her & she loved every single second of it.

Brookelyn LOVED the worm cupcakes:

Grandma busted out the left over bird houses from the reunion a few weeks ago & the let the kids paint.  Just the big girls & Caleb wanted to paint.  They had lots of fun though & now we've got a few more bird houses to add to our collection.  I keep forgetting to buy some shelack when I go to Walmart.  If' I'd clear coat them they'd last a long longer outside!

As usual, there was no shortage of great food or dessert!

It was fun to have a get together.  I wish more in the family could have made it.  I realized that my 40th birthday is now officially only eight years away!  There's a scary thought!  Not sure which thought is scarier, having all four kids in school full time or turning 40!

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