Sunday, October 7, 2012

A few new tricks

Brookleyn has recently decided to adopt Sam's American Girl doll.  Luckily for me Sam's pretty good about it.  Mostly B likes to haul Tori around and try to put her shoes on her.  Have I mentioned B is obsessed with shoes?  

Eventually she quits trying to get shoes on Tori & tucks her into bed.  Depending on the day (and her mood) she's been known to tuck Tori in and five seconds later pull her off and tuck in another doll.  Good thing we don't have a doll shortage at our place!

Cousin Sunny came to play for awhile yesterday.  Sunny didn't feel very well but she was a sweet heart & these two girls finally played together quite nicely.  They were very good help cleaning the house.  They each had a mop & used it as a pogo stick and followed me around while I used another mop or the broom.  Eventually they tired of their pogo sticks and provided some musical entertainment while I finished cleaning.

B has mostly quit using the keyboard as a step stool to turn the light on in the entry way.  Now she mostly just plays it.  She's figured out how to turn it off and on and likes to play it while her siblings are trying to practice their lessons!  Go figure.

Caleb never ceases to amaze me.  This kid did this TWICE yesterday.  Seriously?  I have no idea how he managed to get himself stuck like this but he thought it was pretty funny...until he realized he was at mom's mercy to get out.  The second time he got stuck I took the pictures and told him I had half a mind to leave him that way.  Besides, if he was smart enough to get in like that he ought to be smart enough to get himself out.  He didn't like that idea so much.  I finally  let him out.  We'll see if he does it again.  I'm betting he does sooner or later!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Funny kids :) I was just reading your 2012 goals. How are the blog books coming? That is something that I plan to start up real soon again! Hopefully :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

WOW, Brooklyn's hair is getting so long. She's too funny. As for Caleb... I LOVED those pictures of him stuck in the couch.

I also liked your fall picture post below. I LOVE fall - October is my favorite month. Your pictures make me miss Logan even more.