Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Whose kid is he anyway?

That Caleb of mine.  That kid comes up with some of the most off the wall comments!  He never ceases to amaze Travis, me, his babysitter (Laura)  or his preschool teacher (Miss Shannon) with what he comes up with.  For instance:

When I leave him at preschool he says "See you later buffalo in the cotton tree!" and then he just grins as I laugh, shake me head and say good bye.

On Saturday I had been bringing a bunch of stuff inside from the expedition.  Caleb had been find of following me around and found a box.  I had finished bringing things into the house and was washing dishes.  He comes up to me, puts the box down, turns his back to the box and looks at me to ask, "Mom?  Can I keep this box inside?"  As he's asking me this Brooke comes up behind him and starts pushing the box away.  I say "Yes Caleb."  At this point he turns around and sees Brookelyn taking off with his box.  Now, Brookelyn has turned into a bit of a beast lately.  She's somewhat on the defensive all the time, she smacks Caleb (and Nash and pretty much anyone who invades her six foot bubble), she screams "MINE!" regularly, etc.  When Brookelyn sees she's been spotted she yells out "MINE!" and goes to hit Caleb.  Caleb sets his teeth and says (without missing a beat) "Oh no you didn't!  It's ON!" and then proceeds to BODY SLAM the baby girl onto the kitchen floor.  I couldn't help myself and laughed quite a bit.  It's great that he has someone to keep him in check and treat him the way he has always treated Nash.  I have a feeling that even though they fight like cats and dogs they'll eventually learn to like one another.

Tonight Travis went down to tuck the boys into bed.  He comes upstairs a few minutes later laughing and shaking his head.  I look at him and say, "What did he say now?"  He tells me, "You know, it's funny you automatically jump to that."  To which I respond, "Well, he was being a stinker before you took him downstairs and you're laughing not mad, so what did he say?"  He proceeds to tell me that he gave Caleb a hug and a kiss and was waiting for the kiss on the nose that he always gives him (he does that to me too.  A kiss on the check or lips is not acceptable.  He MUST kiss you on the nose...every.single.time.).  I guess after a minute Caleb looks at him and says, "What's with the big creepy smile?"  Seriously!

Who's kid is he and where does he come up with these things?!  I can only imagine what he says when no adults are around to catch him.  I've talked to MIss Shannon about the things he says at home and she's told me a few of the things he's whipped out at preschool.  I'm not going to lie...I always get a little nervous when she says, "Did I tell you what Caleb said at school today?"  Here's to hoping that it doesn't stop being funny any time soon!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Caleb and Rylee....the 2008 twins :) Must have been the year! My blogger told me that my account was full too. Sometimes I can still upload pics and others it tells me it is full. When it says it is full I have to use another email account. I set Justin up as another author of the blog and use that email account. Let me know if you have any trouble :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

This is truly so hilarious. Thanks for sharing. :) What a kid!!

Heather said...

Check my comment in the next post. There is away around the Picasa thing.