Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Pinterest Idea EVER

Ok, so I found this idea on Pinterest a little while back.  The pin said that in order to tame out of control doll hair you put 2 TBSP fabric softener into a spray bottle.  Then, you fill up the remainder of the spray bottle with water.  Spray the doll's hair, comb and Wa-lah perfect doll hair.

I was skeptical because let's face it - we have our fair share of out of control doll hair and we've never been able to tame it.  I kept telling myself to not get my hopes up but give it a whirl anyway.

Tori's (Sam's American Girl Doll) before picture

I used the doll brush (you can see it in my hand) that I bought from American Girl.  I could not believe how fast her hair combed out.  Sam usually asks me to comb Tori's hair and make it cute and it takes a good 30 minutes to get it combed out decent enough to put a pony tail in.  There was minimal hair shedding involved with this doll this time too.
Here are Tori's after pictures:

After I got her hair brushed out I was able to take her front section of hair (the part that Caleb gave a haircut to) and put a braid in it and then pull it all back into a pony tail.  I was so amazed at how well it worked that we busted out another doll.  I should have done a before and after photo of that doll.  The second doll we did is a doll Grandma Bown gave Sam for Christmas.  Now I'm not going to lie - the hair on this doll is gross.  It's just a bad wig or something.  The hair on this doll is always a disaster (it goes to her ankles).  This time I used a normal hair brush (I needed to glue the American Girl doll brush back together because the bristle part kept popping out).  There was a ton of hair that shed out (seriously, my garbage was half full of doll hair).  I was finally able to get it all combed out, braided in two braids & then I gave it a trim (hopefully it won't be so nasty now).

So, there you have it momas - best Pinterest idea ever!  PS If you live close and want 2 TBSP fabric softener let me know.  I don't use fabric softener in my laundry because so many of us are allergic so I had to buy a bottle of it just for this!  This should last quite awhile!  I also bought a new spray bottle and wrote "Mixed" on it so we don't let Brooke get a hold of it and drink it!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

This is clever! Thanks for sharing. Claire's barbies could really use this. :)

You are going strong on your acts of kindness!!