Sunday, January 20, 2013

My girls

Sam made Brooke a cardboard box car not too long ago.  Brooke loved it!  Sam put her in the car with blankets and dolls and was pushing her around the house.  Brooke thought she was pretty hot stuff.  Sam decorated the box for Brooke too.  One side had her name, one side says "I love being perfect."  And one side side "Drama queen."  What a pair!

Last night Sam did another half time show at USU.  This time was a women's basketball game.  I was astounded at the difference between a men's and women's basketball game.  The men's games you have to pay $5 for parking and $17 for a ticket.  It's also so crowded it's insane.  The women's games you don't pay to park, tickets are $5 and there was hardly anyone there.  We could sit wherever we wanted to.  Not just because there was hardly anyone there but because they don't print an assigned seat for you on your ticket!  The women played  a great game.  They beat Denver by 20 points.

Waiting to come out of the tunnel to perform at half time.

They performed their jazz dance again.  Sam is second from left.

 Big Blue is so nice.  We asked a guy standing in the tunnel to ask Big Blue if he'd come take a picture with Sam.  He was more than willing to do so.

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