Saturday, March 9, 2013

Act of Kindness #15

This week is teacher appreciation week at the kids' school.  This year I decided I was going to do what I could for them because I've really appreciated all the work they've done with my kids.  Sam has struggled with math this year and her teacher has really tried to help her.  Nash's teacher is a first year teacher and she's worked her tail off.  We just love Caleb's teacher too so we've included her as well.  I bought a variety of items for each teacher.

 For Sam & Nash's teacher I bought several different playground toys they could keep for their class.  I know that when I was teaching I was always looking for deals on good playground toys for the kids.  One day the kids took a dodge ball.  One day the kids took a football & a Frisbee.  One day they took 3 jump ropes.  These weren't the cheap dollar jump ropes either.  These are the long jump ropes that the tall kids can use & not get hit in the head with.  The ones you can play double dutch with if you know how. 

For all three teachers I made a fleece blanket.  I got 2 yards of a plain anti pill fleece and 2 yards of a printed fleece (micro fleece for two and an anti pill for one).  These turned out super cute.  I tied both layers together so each side is a different design/color.

I also made a cute little thing I found on pinterest for all three teachers.  These turned out really cute.   The crayons were a beast to peel.  Note to self - the cheap crayons peel super easy.  Crayola Crayons are a monster to get the wrappers off of!  I could have put them in really hot water and let them soak until the wrappers fell off, but I didn't want to wait for the crayons to dry.  I got thinking after I did Caleb's teacher (Mrs. Beddes) that I should have done an S for Miss Shannon instead of Mrs. Beddes because he calls her Miss Shannon.  I was excited when I found a three pack of the shadow boxes at Michael's for $12.  That made it nice!  They were a weird size though because they weren't as big as an 8x10 but they were bigger than a 5x7.  I have seen these done with the wrappers left on and used brand new crayons and just cut the crayons in half.  I liked using the crayons we had at home better.  It gives the letter more character (I think).

I also donated $10 to the room mom teacher appreciation gift fund.  No idea what was purchased with those funds.  I think Sam said her teacher got movie tickets.  I just hope the kids' teachers feel appreciated because we really do appreciate how much they've done for our kids this year!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Uh, YEAH!! I'd feel appreciated as a teacher. You are so awesome!