Monday, May 6, 2013

A birthday for Brooke!

It has happened again....One of my babies up and had another birthday on me!
This year Travis isn't home for Nash or Brookelyn's birthday so we celebrated on May 5th when he was home!  We invited family and friends over for cake & ice cream.  Brookelyn was spoiled by everyone of course!  Grandma Terri gave her an I Spy blanket.  She hadn't planned to give her one until she turned three but seeing as how she constantly swipes her sister's Grandma felt it would be better to give her one now!  Grandma Kris & Grandpa Scott gave her some cute new jammies & a Barbie Jet Ski  (Sket G as my kids call them :) ).  We got her some felt play food - when I found it I was excited!  No more plastic food that gets pulverized within an hour after opening it!  She also got a cute outfit from Chad & Shanah's family, a Minnie Mouse Movie from the Bradshaws, a cute crocheted dog purse from Grandpa & Grandma Reeder, a baby doll from the Snyders& a bag full of fun surprises from the Atkinsons.  See what I mean about spoiled? ;)

 She was so funny to watch open her presents.  She had to go around and show everybody individually everything she opened right after she opened it.  "See!  See!"  You had to oooo and ahhh too or she'd keep showing it to you until you did!

Sister loves Minnie Mouse these days so we made her a Minnie Mouse cake.  I thought I had a hair bow on one of my Cricut cartridges, but I didn't.  So, we made do and gave Minnie a party hat!  Brooke was pretty excited about it.  She wasn't sure quite what to think about the whole candle blowing idea though!

I need to schedule her 2 year well check so I can get all her stats.  I do know that she weighs: 31 lbs & Caleb weighs 35 lbs.  Caleb better start eating more!  She's also only a head shorter than Caleb.  I'm afraid my boys got the short genes and my girls got the tall genes!

Some of Brookelyn's favorites:

TV Show: 
Spongebob Squarepants - thanks big kids!  You should hear her sing the theme song, it is quite entertaining!

Well, girlfriend likes food in general, however, she LOVES "nacks" (fruit snacks).  
She also loves her some cookies, cookie dough (she does NOT like sharing this), licorice - I haven't tried black or brown but she likes all the other colors, waffles - with syrup thank you, spaghetti - with sauce thank you, easy cheese (yes, I did just say easy cheese.  I blame Travis.  The girl brings the can to you and just stands there with her mouth open like a baby bird!), & cupcakes - anything with frosting really!

She loves her sister "Nam".  
She also quite likes Nash "Na".  
She's on again/off again on Caleb "Doobie".  
She LOVES Grandma Terri & when she's extra sad I call Grandma & tell her she must come visit the very sad Bob.  It's the only thing that cheers her up!  She loves the dog, Charlotte, too.  
Oh!  And any baby in sight!  She LOVES babies!

Things to do: 
Dance - she will shake her little booty like there's no tomorrow!  Three years old & dance lessons just can't come soon enough for this girl!  
She also likes to sing & has taken quite a liking to Sam's Karaoke machine. 
 Anything with water - seriously.  From drinking it to stomping in it to swimming in it.  She's part fish I think! 
 Reading - Brookelyn takes after everyone else in this household and can't pass up ANY book.  She loves them all.  I've caught her in on her sister's bed "reading" one of hers!
Having her nails painted.  Although, she's recently decided she's big enough to paint them herself and gets right ticked off at you if you try to do it.

Things she doesn't like:
Sharing...anything....ever....especially with Caleb!
Getting left home with dad while mom goes to work.
Getting in her carseat.  I've bought her a new carseat that I let her pick out.  I've put it in the very back seat like one of the big kids AND I've started bribing her with flavored tootsie rolls.  She still hates it.  She's fine once she's in it, it's just a matter of getting her into it.
Getting told "No." about anything...ever.

This cute girl has brought lots of fun things to us.  She loves to pull faces (and is disturbingly good at it - Thanks again Grandma Terri), she talks up a storm, she's learning to use the potty, she's funny & she knows it (I've told her she's a nut so many times that when she does something funny & I laugh she just looks at me and says, "Nut!").  I can't imagine our family without this little ball of fire.  She is going to keep all of us on our toes for sure!  Happy birthday baby girl!  I can't believe you are TWO!

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